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2010-08-27 - 3:17 a.m.

I have to go to bed!
I am up late as I had this desire to take care of some things:
connecting with friends

as I have been out of town on vacation for a few days and returned and need to catch up.

Worked the past couple of days so I haven't the time to do those catch up things during the day.

Tonight I drove Katerina's friends to the bus to return to Buffalo. It was lovely a couple of them came to visit her here in VA.
Pocohantas was so wonderful to pick them up when they arrived and to take them hiking on the Appalachian Trail. She is the best chaperone and I was so grateful that she agreed to be in charge while I was gone for a few days as I booked this incredible opportunity for a vacation for me back in February WICKED CHEAP, and totally didn't realize when I booked it that the big kids would still be here!
* Knew it was the END of AUG and I think I just figured I would have them leave BEFORE this event, but logistically I think that didn't work with the price of airline tickets for some reason- OH YEAH, it didn't work as they WANTED to be here this week as this was the one week their friends could visit VA and they wanted them to come here! I thought of cancelling my trip, but am SO GLAD that I did not do so!

The teenagers here were going to go tubing but one mom was not comfortable with her daughter floating down a river, so instead they watched movies, and they drew and they relaxed at home playing the guitar and piano and chilling out.

I think they enjoyed that quiet time together more than anything as they have all been so busy over the summer.

Her one friend recently completed a TEEN TRECK in which 80 miles were biked daily in a treck accross the country from Utah to Buffalo!

Rather amazing!!

Her other friend spent some of the summer in Colorado in a program promoting peace with the participants being teens from Palestine and Israel working together to understand differences and learn peaceful resolution.

It was reported to be a life changing experience that sounded wonderful.

Off to bed!
Will write of my adventures on vacation when time permits.

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