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2010-10-02 - 7:27 p.m.

News of this made my day today!

I can't say enough about what I think of this special man.

Soren and Katerina were blessed to have been in a Preformance directed by Tom 10 years ago. It was really a remarkably uplifting growing experience. I wanted the kids to be involved in VSA to learn to have acceptance of others who are different, and also thought it was important for them, as the only bi-racial kids in their community, to feel OK about being different.

Tom helps kids not only feel OK about themselves, but absolutely PROUD to be who they are. They learn that their very differences indeed are a gift.

He have such tremendous love that he not only loves people with such genuine heartfelt personal care; he teaches them to love themselves as well. In the process I believe all who work with Tom have grown, learned more about themselves, and have become even more special as a result.

That program really is deserving of its name "Very Special Arts"

I can't wait to check out his new place. It was wonderful to hear of a young man (from his Mother who is so proud!) who is blessed to have an internship working alongside while studying music therapy.

The mom and I were talking about how much WE LOVE THE TEENAGE YEARS! We are baffled by so many parents acting like they are afraid of those years. I can't WAIT for my little girls to blosson into the young women that each are meant to be. I can't imagine what unique gifts each will discover and unfold for us to delight in.

One thing I know, the unique gifts each have will be theirs to discover and no matter how much we as parents want to orchestrate and teach and train and guide toward that which we believe is best, it is a most remarakable thing that sometimes, despire we, the parents greatest attempts at control and interference and wanting to do it OUR WAY--- somehow, those natural gifts from God and within each STILL will emerge, and develop and we will still be amazed by the beauty of that which we never imagined.

I can assure you that neither I,nor her DAD actually EVER envisioned the beauty of the voice of Katerina singing.

Nor did we EVER imagine that she would be preparing to audition to study OPERA!


She has been in a select Chorale, by audition; as well as NYSMMA, in which she received a score of 99% in Vocal Competition.

Katerina enjoyed singing,but I think never really realized that she indeed has a GIFT for it!

So remarkable to watch that process of her beautiful self discovery and development of her talents!

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