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2010-10-06 - 11:42 p.m.

I think I need to write more regularly. I haven't taken the time for myself to journal or creatively write in a long time.

It's been a few years since I worked on anything creatively other than a few freelance articles.

I did get a random check in the mail last week from one article I didn't know was published a few months ago. That was a nice surprise! However other than that I really haven't worked on anything creative in a long time.

I need to get into a routine.

That always helps.

The most important thing is to go to bed early and get up early for me. My productivity and creativity are enhances when getting enough rest and awaking early as I am definately a morning person.

So why am I still awake at this hour?

I was just wondering where the time went...

OH yeah! I did have a really nice, and I guess a really long chat as the friend "the Date" called to catch up. Its been weeks and weeks since we really talked much. He started a new job; his son bought a new home and he and wife have been busy moving son out of his home into the new one; their daughter went back to college.

I had some lovely e-mails back and forth with his wife (my friend!) and am happy that she got over her weird distrusting phase. Pocohontas was one of her best friends and she then had this odd lack of trust issue with both Pocohontas, me, and a couple other friends of ours who were still friends with her husband. We all assured her that we are not hot for her hubby but are still including them both in our social world, but the diffence has been that SHE moved out,and SHE declined invites whereas he didn't. She got over the fact that on occassion he would do something with Pocohontas or I ( together or individually.)
After about a year and a half (maybe two now? ) since their separation, she has gotten out of her weird distrust of her friends phase and seems emotionally more stable now. She has reached out to the group of friends (All of us individually) and expressed interest in getting together again. Its about time!

We all told her she was always welcome.

So it was REALLY nice to then get an invite from her as she was throwing a surprise 50th birthday party for her husband!
Although they are living in separate homes, they are dating and maintain their realationship in a way that is working for them both for now.

He's a good man who loves his wife very much and is forgiving and accepting despite it all.

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