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2010-10-12 - 7:28 a.m.

Lunch yesterday was an adventurous learning experience. First of all, I didn't take my lunch break until around 3pm and was ravenously hungry by then.

I was really looking forward to a salad of fresh veggies my winery owner friend dropped off on AM after he and kids went picking the last of season crop at a farm in West VA. They came back and gave us a Watermelon (as those were .50 due to an abundance ripe and ready); of course the ever popular zuccini, some other squash and lovely peppers of all varieties.

On Saturday I enjoyed the MOST WONDERFUL red SWEET pepper while on a hike. It was delicious! I had packed some fresh veggies and there is nothing more satisfying during a hard hike than a cool fresh juicy veggie or fruit packed in ice so it is savory and soothing AND SWEET.

OK, the sweetness was part of the key to the enjoyment for me.

I was thinking of that pepper and wondering if these little onesI packed for lunch were sweet or hot as I tore off the top of each of a small orange and red pepper as I forgot to pack a knife for work.

I happily ripped up my green leaf lettuce, tore up a few scallions, and tore into those tiny peppers, topped it off with chucks pulled off a hunk of fresh buffalo milk motzerella and then as I was noting one bad spot on a tomato starting to turn thumbed out that section and then before I ripped the rest into chunks to distribute over the salad, thought " I better taste this and make sure the whole tomatoe hasn't turned."

So I did.

I took a bite of that tomatoe and


I though at the hideous intial shock of the taste

"OH my God I have never tasted a tomatoe THAT VILE"
as I tossed that ripe juicy deceiving piece of suculant looking fruit in the trash.

And then as the intense BURNING ensued and the tingling pain and numb sensation that rendered my lips in a state of this juxtaposition of a tingling like numbess - a sensation you feel when under local anastesic, yet without the dulling of pain but still this intense shooting pain of every nerve ending it dawned on me


And then I recalled the Despite the fact that I didn't heed "Be careful with those peppers" that Pocohontas gave as she saw me pack some in my bag of veggies for the salad at work yesterday. She even said "Be sure to wash you hands well when handling those."

That did go in one ear and out the other.

It was remarkably funny to me to then realize I just threw out that cooling tomatoe. I was glad for the cheese remaining in the chuck that I bit. I picked up the peppers and tossed them from my salad and drizzled a lovely balsamic basil dressing over the top and proceeded to eat about half the salad until I decided lunch should not be torturous (despite the part if you recall that I was ravenously hungry.)

I did toss the remainder of that salad and headed to Starbucks to buy milk.

Now by that time I ALSO had started to sneeze in response.

Now that habit of using a tissue and then folding it to then use the alternate clean side (before tossing it) is one I have- and old habits die hard (Even when they are going to instill great pain I have found out.)

For I might have been wise enough to not do that in the moment.

But no, I was not, so then I experienced the tingling sensation in my left nostril as there must have been some of the oil remaining on my recently scrubbed hands on that back side of the tissue I thought clean which I then wiped that nose with.

So I had all I could do not to be giddy laughing or crying with tears of both pain and amusement as to be honest I really found the whole depacle hilarous (as I often do find predicaments I put myself in due to lack of foresight.)

I was happy Starbucks did have milk and tried the only remedy I found that was possible in the moment (short of dousing the area with the salad dressing and hoping there was enough oil in it to adhere to the oil of the pepper and remove it. I did think of that but that seemed a messy recipie for further disaster I hoped to avoid.)

So I used the container of milk to splash and flush out the nasal passage; thankful no co-workers walked in the ladies room at just that moment.

I ignored the pain and went back to work as it subsided eventually (and the milk was helpful to a degree.)

It was driving home that I realized it was a good thing I was wearing glasses all day. Those I beleive make it less likely for one to rub eyes.

I didn't instinctively rub my eyes due to tiredness until during my drive home from work.

It was then that the terrible short term memory issues came to light again as WHOOZER!!! HOLY CAMOLIE I had THOUGHT I experienced the worst possible pain ever until I felt THAT stinging and wondered if I would be able to see again!

Good news is that I did not have a car accident, and made it home while screaming in pain for a while covering the right eye with the same hand I knew had the offending oil on its finger tip while it swelled and teareed and the numbing sensation spread from the top of the eye socked to the top of my cheek bone 1/3 the way down my face (if not a little further down.)

With half my one side of my face entering that numbing state which I am sure is a pain response to try to dull the nerve responsiveness (*but which kinda falls short), I did make it home and by the time the remaining 20 minute ride passed I was much relieved as the tearing and time helped.

So most people would have then googles AGAIN to see what they should do to remove the remaining oil.

Not me! I got home at 7:30pm still famished and I cooked. I made a lovely supper, and I sat down and read a bit, and then I helped Pocohontas with paperwork which she was overwealmed with and asked help with; and then we watchted THE CLIENT. Her daughter came in and commented "YAH YOU OPENED THIS!" as it is a movie I apparently bought two years ago in a clearance $5 WalMart bin. (I really don't take time to watch movies that often and in fact tried to give that one away as a thank you gift to my nice neighbor the plumber that lived across the street from my old house who used to snow plow us out, but he laughed and the movie choices and said "These are all girly flicks- keep them")

So we girl enjoyed one of the "girly flicks" (but I think he is mistaken on this one- although maybe not mistaken on Erin Brokovich...)

In any case, one with better short term memory and common sense would have thought about trying to remove that oil BEFORE trying to pop in contact lens this AM.

NO not me.

One with more common sense would have given up the attempt to put in the contact lens at the first feeling of pain.

No not me.

which at times I know tends to the ridiculous extreme!

AS in this AM, when I REALLY wanted to go for an early morning run!

I havent' been motivated to do that in a LONG LONG TIME.

I had been running regularly when I got dumped by the BF way back that Aug. So I know just how long its been that I got out of the HABIT of regularly running and hitting the gym. I had gotten out of the gym habit as my gym buddy got laid off, then was not motivated to run either. Now the thing is even before I had a gym buddy I used to head to the gym alone- but my motivation waned. AH also in part from the fact of a serious drop in blood pressure and a shock like pain response on last occassion I worked with a personal trainer there as I overdid it. That was a bit scary so I was wary of working out as I tend to overdo it because of that propensity to totally ignore pain.

So this AM I insisted on trying to get that darn contact in thinking ("HEy the pain wore off in 20 minutes last night, it will wear off again) Thinking I would let it pass and then go for my planned run.

I planned on making my friends' winery my destination as it gives me a goal to work toward. Figured today I would start off with a short run and then increase it each time and see how long it takes me to be in shape to run to that winery and back.

I also figured since I hiked 10 miles, and biked 17 this summer I am in very good shape and it won't take that long to get ramped up.

I think I found a good running partner, as the mom of some friends it turns out also runs so it would be great to see if I am in shape enough to run to meet her some AMs (as she lives a little far.)

So I was EXCITED and MOTIVATED and DETERMINED which of course at times is to the point of foolishness. I am feeling like I NEED to get into a routine and focus on my goals and get them done, but was a little overzealous perhaps...

As I got that first contact in, and while YES it is true I could ride out the discomfort of ONE EYE I then laughed at the realization that unlike pain in ONE eye last night when I had the other good eye for naviagation- I also need a contact in the 2nd eye ; and well then if BOTH eyes are in smarting tearing distress I WON't BE ABLE TO SEE IN EITHER!

Taking the contact out and throwing it out then was the best idea.

And I decided that since I am committed to getting in a routine every day its about time to start each day with writing.

I can write for an hour, and then run and shower in an hour and still be at work on time.

I just can't tackle the route along a busy road this AM without contacts, so will take a short stint around the neighborhood instead to start off.

Here's a good site for Jalapeno burn remedies:

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