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2010-12-22 - 9:01 a.m.


HAPPY HAPPY NEWS!! I wished last night I had the phone number of beloved nanny and friend of Katerina and Soren as I would have called her to share.

I write here as there are only a few who read this sometimes that I don't really keep in touch with any other way. I envision someday 20 years from now getting together over coffee and it will feel like we have shared lives together even when not having spoken in years because of the thread of connection via Flickr photos and journals and sharing interests of loving the kids.


They are just absolutely phenomenal
Her Math score went up 100 points from the first round; and her writing score went up 70 from the first round.

I told her that I really think she SHOULD apply to Harvard as her back up school. She really does need a back up school JUST IN CASE she doesn't get in to her first choice!

She Laughed, and I said "Think about it- your AUNT went there- 1 point on the matrix as it was scandalously scruitinized that they STILL give a point on their criteria of weeding out applications by that matiix system that give "points" for criteria and I believe mathematically does the first few rounds of weeding out applications before they even get read.

She will get a point for officially being a minority, as yet they still have point on the matrix for that.

She will hit the point for SAT scores that meet their criteria.

So I think she would definately make the first cut.

She said maybe she will.

She however doesn't WANT TO GO TO HARVARD. I did tell her to re-think Stanford and be SURE her reason for not applying there is not because she thought she would not be considered(that was her school of interest a while ago when she was interested in Chemistry as that is the place to be for that study... but that was a LONG time ago).

I told her apply WHEREVER she would like to be.

She has found her school however. I am sure of that. She knows that she will thrive in a smaller environment and does not want to go to a large university as she recognizes her tendency to NOT ASK FOR HELP when something is challenge and insistance on trying to figure it out for herself; at times to a detriment when she is overwealmed and SHOULD have asked for help. She could get LOST in a larger environment and not be assertive enough when needing assistance.

She however will do very well in a smaller setting where she would develop RELATIONSHIPS with a teacher in a smaller class size that gives that personal attention that would make it more comfortable for her to work in that collaborative manner and NOT hit the deer in headlights , procrastination out of fear moment where she then kinds just hides out and does nothing.

Hmmm.....wonder where that instinctive impulse of "flight" after being overwealmed; and stubborn insistance that when there is an urge to "fight" through something it must be done on her own (regardless of skills and tools and resources she has at hand!) comes from....

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