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2011-01-02 - 7:15 p.m.

In BIZARRE GLITCH, I can't PRINT a copy of an application just submitted to the COLLEGE BOARD (nor SAVE while retaining formatting as my WORD license expired.) It prints from the site ONLY showing the QUESTIONS and not my RESPONSES.

Since it took me a full 24 hours (except when I fell asleep and ate and took one writing break) to find ALL my FINANCIAL info, court ordered paperwork and run the numbers to see exactly what I currently owe- and I don't want to lose the numbers I am going to save a copy here as for some reason I can't save an elecronic copy successfully elsewhere right now!

I AM PROUD not only of Katerina but also of my progress of paying off what was a total of over $90 K in legal debt. I have come a long way in paying that off.

WHOOO HOOO!!! Only 31 K to go!

Worth every penny to live with freedom of peace of mind (most of the time!); except for moments like this where I fear being END USER HACKED. I did get a message that popped up from SYMANTIC that it BLOCKED a user from accessing my PRINTER program. Some weird message... that implied some program couldn't access my printer.So maybe that was why it wouldn't print the content? My computer software for security wouldn't let the COLLEGE BOARD access? OR am I being hacked again .. (HA HA - laugh at my own fears as NOT likely, but nonetheless every time I have a problem with SOMETHING important getting filed or getting confirmation and a copy of such when it is an IMPORTANT document such as TAXES, or such... it does make me wonder.) So here is the message I received that I can not print but could cut and save then paste here. As Internet Explorer just CRASHED at the site, I think it a good idea to save here BEFORE my saved cut copy is not here anymore either! Edited to remove personal information but for my financial numbers which I don't want to lose and am PROUD of!!

You have now submitted your Noncustodial PROFILE Application to the College Board. This is your Acknowledgment, payment receipt, and confirmation of the data entered on the application. Print a copy for your records. If you gave us an email address, an acknowledgment and payment receipt will also be sent to the address you provided.

Payment Receipt
Parent's Name: MSAFIRE
Student's Name: KAterina
Student's CSS ID: ($^&##^
Application Submit Date:01-02-2011
Method of Payment: &^(%$&
Total Charge:$25.00
Student's Colleges and Programs
Below are the college(s) and program(s) that your son or daughter registered for that require the Noncustodial PROFILE.

If your son or daughter adds a college or program as a PROFILE recipient which requires the Noncustodial PROFILE, the College Board will automatically share your information with the new college or program. You can sign back in to see this Acknowledgment and the updated list at any time.

( %&@^$ represent the colleges she applied to! I am SO PROUD OF HER!!!)

Application Responses
Below is the information you gave on your Noncustodial PROFILE Application. If the information below is correct, take no action except to print a copy for your records. If any of your information has changed significantly, it is not possible to make changes to or add to your online application now that it has been submitted. If you need to make changes, print a copy and cross out the incorrect information and write in the same box the correct information. Explain changes on the bottom of the last page or attach pages as necessary. Next, photocopy this document and send copies to your child's colleges, universities, and programs. DO NOT send the revised information to the College Board.

Section A - Noncustodial Parent's and Current Spouse's Household Information
Question Answer
A1. Information about student's noncustodial parent
a. Select relationship to student Mother
b. Last name @*&$^
c. First name MSAFIRE
d. ....

n. College or university type
A5. Enter the number of people in your family. 7
A6. Of the number in question A5, how many will be college students enrolled at least half-time between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012? Do not include yourself or your spouse. Include the student. 1
A7. What is your state, territory, or province of legal residence? If you do not live in the U.S., one of its territories, or Canada, choose "foreign country." Virginia
I2. Explanations/Special Circumstances
My children KATERINA AND SOREN had lived with me in VA until 2006. Order entered June 16, 2006 in the Family Court State of New York, County of Erie terminated prior obligation of support to me. There are court ordered legal expenses from my subsequent divorce from my 2nd husband in which I incurred a total of more than $90,000 legal fees regarding my ^($&*$%&# as I lost an appeal to the VA Court of appeals and was ordered to pay all legal fees in case *#&$^# , as well as subsequent legal fees for divorce and custody matters (following that precedent):

Current total remaining legal debt due to date is $31417.80, with $1100.00 a month in court ordered payments: $300 a month to Loudoun Circuit Court for the benefit of #%&*@& , pursuant to court order, to pay off remaining $10,518.04 (as of Jan 1, 2011)in legal debt to @*%&@&^;
$500 a month to the Office of @*$%&@^ ( for payment of legal debt currently at $14,034.07 (as of Jan 1, 2011) for his legal services to me, pursuant to court order Judgement @*@^! ) and $300 a month to attorney and law guardian #*&@^ for services to the $%&*#^@ Children currently amounting $6865.69 (as of Jan 1,2011 pursuant to court order September 18,2010 !(#&!^
Loudoun County Circuit Court.) FATHER @*$^@^V just won custody of our four children (September 2010) so My deductions therefore will be adjusted for the 2011 tax year; Expenses in 2011 shall still exceed my actual income. Credit lines are temporarily bridging the gap. "

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