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2011-01-12 - 11:20 p.m.

Happy News Today! Katerina received her first letter of admission along with notification that she was awarded a "Trustee Scholarship" to one of the schools she applied for! It is not her first choice school but certainly a lovely, impressive, small liberal arts college which she would be happy to attend.

The scholarship is not a need based one, but academic based as well as review of the total person. They wrote in the letter that they were particularlly impressed by her essay and believe she would contribute to their school environment in a postitive way. This school has been actively recruiting her, which is why she checked it out and considered it.

I checked out the college site and was just amazed at its beauty as well as the progressiveness I see reflected there. This particular liberal arts college is meeting all their energy by WIND power. They require students to have a dual major ourse of study in two disciplines distinctly differnt and unique to become well rounded. They have this philosophy of "Weird is Wonderful" and the site of the alum included comments such as "They embrace your inner nerd and allow it to thrive!"

Sounds like a place Katerina would truly love and fit in well at. The down side is, that while she likely would have half the tuition for four years paid to go there, they do no have a major in the subject area she is primarily interested in at this time. She also did get an acceptance letter from the one SUNY she applied to that does have that course of study- so at this point she has heard positively from the two "SAFETEY'S" in her application process.

She applied to eight schools total. The other six are highly competitive so she is looking forward to hearing from them.

She did sign an EARLY ADMISSION Contract with her #1 choice of school! I so hope that she gets in there and is offered a scholarship as well as that school is $50, 000 a year. I think it WAS wise to apply Early Decision as they will know she really is committed to going there and I believe those who apply and are accepted early decision may have the best crack at the more competitive scholarships. Her # 1 choice of school is well endowed and in fact has a financial aid policy that they meet 100% of financial need for all admitted students- so we are hopeful that she will not only get into that college but have scholarships and loans in full to cover the cost.

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