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2011-01-13 - 7:11 p.m.

YAH The plumbers are here! Worked remote today to be here to let them in and they arrived at 6:30 pm.

The exuse to work remotely was welcome however as I have gotten into a groove with that. I find I am most enjoying being able to play tunes all day long. Chuck Mangione, Jazz... and currently Bob Marley in the background of my working.

Its nice.

I did want to avoid working remote as I KNOW myself and realize that it is the temptation of putting in TOO MUCH Time and not doing OTHER things for me which his the biggest risk of working at home. I logged in at 9AM and just took a break now for dinner 15 minutes ago. I did that a 5 minute break to throw in laundry, and then a 10 minute break to grab some fast crackers cheese , lunchmeat, coffee and fruit for lunch at ten before 3pm. I had a 3pm call so that was exactly a 10 minute break.

But I have been focused since and still have more to do to wrap it up an have everything at a decent point to pass the baton so to speak.

I do love my job and am grateful I work with a number of West Coast folks so I have the advantage of normally starting around 10pm EST. I love that flexibility.

I also have realized that in the future it is MUCH more practical to take a MONDAY off for a three day weekend than a FRIDAY if possible.

Closing a few deals ...actually worked on a half dozen today and most of those will be likely be ready to close tomorrow when all the feedback from my outstanding questions comes in. I however will be off, but as you may know, histrionic Type A Account Sales dudes who have not discovered valium will be anxious and I don't think enjoying their weekend worrying about unfinished business.

I hate I would prefer to provide the quelling of their anxious selfs and confirmation the deal is done and they will get that kudo of the sales incentive of revenue recognition ...
but alas; I will do what I can to tie up loose ends tonight, and the deals will still be there MON morn so I will enjoy my weekend.

At least it is NOT the end of the month as if I took off on a Friday the last week of the month that might just be enough to put one of them over the edge... we don't need any heart attacks...

Sadly however I hoped to have my deals tied up by now and it is 7:22 and I will be working for another hour or so at least.

But then it will be the start of my lovely weekend! And to top it off

The strangest irony is that it was kinda cool NOT having hot water as it forced the girls to NOT dilly dally. I boiled water and then filled either the bath or basin with that mixed with the cold and they each had to come to wash up IMMEDIATELY or their bathing water would be COLD.
Its really not that hard to wash hair in the sink and sponge bathe daily as we all discovered. The strange irony is that because of the incentive of being prompt in listening OR having the consequence of a COLD basin or water without the luxury of hot running water the girls WERE PROMPT LISTENERS!
It was AMAZING! They were ready for bed EARLIER than of late, and this AM were all ON TIME for school as they didn't get distracted.

Funny but water play I think is one of the biggest temptations for them. See there are not TOYS available so these creative girls find ways to play with SOAP and WATER and toothpaste or WHATEVER their creative little minds can get ahold of. I removed lots of distractions from upstairs but they have been late because of brushing the teeth of the few stuffed animals, or washing the hair of the one dolly and other creative activities. The need to play seems paramount in these children.

Hmmm.... maybe I will keep up with the routine that is working GREAT of boiling water and filling the basin and encouraging them to HURRY UP BEFORE IT GETS COLD!

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