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2011-01-19 - 7:56 a.m.

I has just a fabulous weekend visiting Buffalo!

So enjoyed seeing my son in a musical. I would write more about his preformance but for the fact of wanting to protect his privacy, so let it be said it is always a joy to watch his talent as he and it continues to grow.

It was lovely that his nanny came to see him!
I wished Katerina could have said hello and connected with her, however Katerina was off visiting a college with Dad. She had an interview and then spent the evening upon return to Buffalo completing an essay for an application that was due that night.

I had the pleasure of being an adult charperone for an overnight event which was lovely. I met my Son's girlfriend and enjoyed taking her out to dinner between the show and the overnight event while Soren went home to wash up and get a fresh change of clothes, nap a little and see if he could arrange a ride back and forth to his cast party.

I was without a car so we walked a lot and my nice friends whom I stayed with gave me a few rides.
I took a cab from the airport to meet my daughter at her school when first arriving in town. I had the pleasure of just sitting accompanying her , her boyfriend and her best friend during their rehearsal for their school musical Friday afternoon.

I am SO PROUD Of both of my kids!
Katerina has a lead in her school musical which is a truly fun one that she is lucky to play. She is sharing the role with two other students as the music director wanted to give the kids opportunity as it is NOT an arts school and they only have one school musical. Although harder to pull off gracefully, she cast THREE different girls in this one part and each will preform it one night.

The other lead is shared between two girls.

Its a way for her to allow more students the experience of being a lead in the play. I think she is talented enough as a music director to get away with that! This is NOT a preforming arts school so the expectation of quality as a piece of theater is not as high as Soren's school. ( They could NEVER get away with that! It will impact the QUALITY of the show overall- but who cares as this is for FUN and it will still be good!)

So I am thrilled she gets to share the role with one of her best friends.

It was cute how she told me "by the way, $($&@ *& is my boyfriend again."

AS if I didn't know.. HA HA ...

He is such a great kid. He and the best friend who she is sharing the role with both came to visit and stayed in VA with me a few days at the end of the summer. He went on a bike treck all summer long, clocking 80 miles a day and she got postcards from places like Utah and MOntana from the "Teen Trecks" Summer route he was on with his Dad.

I could TELL that his wanting to not DATE her because "I don't like you that way" last year had more to do with his common sense of not wanting the pressure of a GIRLFRIEND at age 16 when he was such a NICE kid and respects her and they are young and wise.... than anything else.

I mean the boy was STILL her best friend (next to the two other girls she is close with- whom he is ALSO close with. The one has grown up with him and he dated her a few years ago as well.)

They are all so close.
I love her friends! Its just so nice to see such a great group of teens.

So he apparently missed her like mad over the summer. ( I figured that out from the calls and postcards...and he did visit.)

So it wasn't a surprise when she said "BTW... he is my boyfriend again" and I said "Oh, since when??"
( I though it was going to answered end of JUNE when he visited... )
The only surprise was the response "September"

I kinda figured as she has talked of dates of him taking her out to dinner. We went to the Towne after rehersal and I really enjoyed walking around the city despiet being a bit chilly and the cross of my work computer I was carrying.

I swear the carrying of that was my penance for being caught in the stronghold of workaholism. At least that is what it FELT LIKE!


THE ACCOUNT TEAM WHO WERE WAITING ON SOMETHING I HAD DELEGATED AND ASKED THEM FOR... but then sending me requests for updates COULD HAVE WAITED UNTIL MON MORN for my clarifying E-MAIL reminding them the responsibility was THEIRS...

And the OTHER six deals I was waiting for ONE ANSWER to the ONE LINGERING QUESTION ON EACH did NOT come through on Friday by noon when I logged in anyway. Why should I have expected anything more??

We are the West Coast time team...and I swear those West Coasters must be partiers who show up late to the office their time...

I swear 4-6:40 PM is the ONLY Time things REALLY get done on a Friday. I KNOW THIS.

So It was silly to lug that thing, pay the money to remote in at the airport and then check in and send only ONE e-mail with added value...
and then have to cart that beast of a bag all over Buffalo for the next three days.

It was my WORK COMPUTER. I was NOT leaving it unattended.


There is a REASON I REFUSED TO REMOTE IN FROM HOME FOR YEARS ( OTher than paranoia that is!)

Not working from home helps me manage the tendency to workaholism which is so unhealthy!

This AM I curbed it by checking e-mail and whittling away time rather than go in at 7am.

AH It's late enough to go check on my Volvo I believe. I was killing time after awaking early because folding laundry just is not so exciting and also if I START chores I tend to run late as its hard to STOP when there is "just one more thing" compelling me....

That is my evil thought "I will do just this one more thing..."

Think "When you give a mouse a cookie"

changed to "When you give MOM a broom...."

I turn into the possessed clean freak that can't stop. Its SCARY..

kinda like the obsessed contract manager that can't stop...

of the photogropher in the dark room that doesn't emerege for 10 hours...

or the writer who gets holed up and comes out days later with a book written

(OK THE LAST PART WAS FANTASY... One day I WILL DO THAT... when in my old age and dodgy and allowed to be a quirky self absorbed writer.)

But for now, I am making a concerted effort to work BORING OLD 9-5.

I need to do so.


and being as healthy as possible.

Working on that...

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