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2011-02-13 - 9:02 p.m.

I have to laugh at this e-mail. I almost deleted the e-mail from this teacher without even reading it as I know what to expect from her, but decided to read it giving the benefit of the doubt just in case I was wrong-

I figure if she is so fixated on me like my EX then it really can't hurt to respond here as anyone NORMAL would have a life and not spend their time to attack mine or analyze mine.

I mean really- when are these folks going to move on and get over it that I am a capable mom and am not doing anything other than being a NORMAL PARENT to my girls? IT is just SO WEIRD the CONTINUED ATTACK and the fact for some reason a teacher would attack me so personally over and over again. The weirdest thing is that this teacher had shared with me years ago HER EXPERIENCE with HER ABUSIVE Husband and I swear at some level either she is
a) Jealous at my success at leaving or
b) Still easily manipulated by the same kind of man ( and in this case my Ex Husband)

So I think it is sad as I see her as a victim.

I mean I try my best to respect this teacher but she so clearly doesn't respect me and it is so very bizzare.
Why would a woman who has lived through experiences somewhat similiar to mine (albeit different manifestations of an abusive relationship)NOT understand my situation and believe so vehemently that I have been harmful to my girls in any way?

Anyway, what the heck are journals for but to vent so here is my response to this yet again weird mirage.

--- On Thu, 2/10/11, " MANIPULATED TEACHER" wrote:

Subject: @*#&$#^ (referencing the mornign they are with me)

Date: Thursday, February 10, 2011, 8:59 AM

RAitlin has not had any water brought, from home, to drink on $*%^&#'s with her lunch. She has been upset about that and asked me if I had an extra water bottle that she could have. I have been giving her a water bottle every $*&#@^@ since the start of school. I am not concerned about giving her a bottle of water each week. I will gladly give it to her. I think it is sad that she be sent to school with no drink for lunch or money to but a drink from school for her lunch. What do the other three girls do for a drink with their lunch? I am concerned.

Manipulated Teacher

Dear Manipulated Teacher, They drink tap water or the drink they bring in as they all do leave here with water bottles or a drink every morn, Raitlin no exception. When she forgets Please give her a cup as there are water fountains in school that worked fine last I checked, and my preference is the water fountain over purchased bottled water.

Glad to hear you don't resent your choice to buy bottled water and share with her at your discretion. I won't be so controlling of a parent to tell you NOT to do so although it is not my preference.

I choose not to as my Dad is a water chemist and the bottled water industry is one of the more ironic ones in our free enterprise market, as it is, to date, an unregulated industry. A little known secret outside of the water chemists who are subject matter experts.

Dad who does EPA WATER training on water standards for municiple tap water has assured me that most municiple tap water is actually of BETTER Quality than bottled.

Heres a great article on the topic for those interested in how they are being manipulated by our free market:

I imagine a few years from now some parent will get an e-mail like yours if they fail to send kids in oxygen, feeling bad that the parent hasn't sent that it. Keep in mind however that we all grew up fine without buying water, as future kids will grow up fine without purchased air, so to act like this is neglect is a bit of a reach.

The commoditizing of a natural resource, while a brilliant idea, hardley makes not providing the purchase of something otherwise readily available to our kids anything to complain about.

And if you think I jest about the commmoditization of air, check this out- who knows perhaps school like ours that want the best for our kids will someday have Oxygen Bars on the lunch line and scoff at parents who think good old fashioned air is good enough for our poor deprived little ones:

I take it as a good sign that you, Manipulated Teacher, have nothing substanative to be concerned about when it comes to the care of my children.

I take that to mean that the regular terrorizing and constant spankings and random acts of being hit that resulted in things like a nine year old's head slamming through the dry wall or Dad's handprint on the stomach of a six year old ARE NOT currently a concern that I need be worried about.

That indeed is good news.

While you are at it however, I still strongly suggest you read about two things:
and Stockholm Syndrome

Important as if you , dear manipulated teacher, become the strongest female role model in my girls lives, perhaps the transference of anger that has been displaced on to me- will (very likely) be displaced onto you. So you might want to be prepared to deal with that more gracefully and effectively than I have.

You see dear teacher, I have LOST custody of my kids full time.

You too could lose your teacher liscence the first time a child effectively convinces another you have hit her.

There are no cameras in my home. I could not prove otherwise and a system "protected" my children.

The way I see it, you dear teacher are indeed the most vulnerable who might be the next in the line of fire if children who HAVE been abused need a safe haven for transference due to the pysoclogical manipulation and YES the stockhold syndrome they have been undergoing which makes it NECESSARY for them to identify with their abuser in order to feel any semblance of being SECURE.

Its a psychological manifestation for them out of NECESSITY for them to feel stable AT ALL while in the care of their abuser--- who make no mistake about it ALSO LOVES THEM VERY MUCH AND MOST OF THE TIME IS GOOD TO THEM WHILE PROVIDING THEIR BASIC NEEDS.



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