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2011-05-22 - 7:00 p.m.

I am relaxing at home after a lovely, lovely weekend.

I was tempted to pick up a fabulous soap- a Cabarnet scented soap made in NAPA Valley to be exact. Friend winery owner gave me one and it ran out. I resisted the urge however and left there today with two loaves of fresh focaccia , one of which is sundried tomatoe herb; 1/4 container of carbarnet svavoign cheese spread which was leftover from that opened and served with crackers accompanying wine tastings, and $40 in my pocket from three and a half hours of working pouring wine and cleaning and sanitizing lots of wine glasses.

I can' think of a better way to spend than the way I spent my afternoon at a winery while getting paid the whole time.

It was a fun afternoon after a fabulous weekend traveling Thu and Friday to see Soren in his latest professional show which was incredible. The theater was proud they turned a profit Friday night so all the remaining ticket sales are straight profit shared by the actors and musicians and crew.

I came home and decided to finish a glass of white wine that was left over with the leftover cheese and bread... Mmm...

Now to studying as I am enjoying take a business class. Wouldn't have picked the business class first but it was in the contract manager training certification program cousework and as it was the most expensive of the courses and my company pays tuition it was a wise choice of first class.

* YAWN Just woke from a four hour nap I apparently really needed. Phone rang and a dinner invite was lovely to wake to. Study will happen tomorrow... sigh eating is important too. Score, the restaraunt with TV for my dinner date wo watch the remainder of the NBA finals which happens to be in between where he lives and where I live (so a good pick for each driving), also has a coupon in the Enternainment book. I kinda like this buy one get one free thing. He buys his dinner and at least I contribute a bit with a coupoun as he buys mine too! Its been fun as we have gone out to explore places to eat which we otherwise would not have picked.

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