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2011-06-11 - 10:32 p.m.

I am Six Stigmatized!

I was communicating with a co-worker telling her that everything I learned about managment was learned while being a mom at home with six kids.

One learns in the role of MOM that you really do have to at times be happy with "Good Enough".

Mom learns at times that there are OTHER Times when it is the right thing to have quality most important and not settle for anything less than the best.

I have found a violin teacher for my eleven year old and gave her lessons as her birthday gift. I am not sure at her age to force her to stick with it for even a short time to decide or let her interest be solely self motivated.

She received a purple violin from "Santa" one Christamas and said she wanted to learn to play violin. PRactive with MOm however was painful as there was resistance and arguing and fighting over the discipline of the routine of daily practice.

AT that time the volitility of response from not only her but the other kids who I was attempting to teach just made the pursit of music not something worht fighting over.

I just gave up. I mean I would work through these small phases in my older hids without incident but with this pack the intensity and violence of the resistance was startling.

Just dozed so off to bed...
Violin teach coming tomorrow for the 2nd lesson of the girl's BD gift. She was happy and enthusiast about this a few weeks ago as she was the one who said she wised she had a teacher. She however spent time with Dad whom she didn't feel as support for this pursuit unless she was motivated and committed and really going to do it.

She came back from seeing Dad to say she is not that interested, and without her prior enthusiasm.

I understand her lack of excitement now.

Off to bed as sleepy.

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