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2011-06-12 - 12:07 p.m.

I think it is hilarious that I just wrote a check for $8.90 to the Littleton Coin Collection company for a set of the National Park 2010 issue Coin collection but then when I was ready to address the envelope and stick both in the pile of "Gift ideas for future"- to be READY to mail for a Christmas gift for my hiking buddy, that the order slip had one of my return address labels stuck to it RIGHT OVER the mailing address. I couldn't pull the sticker off without ripping the address it had covered.

So the whole thing got tosses in the trash.

Oh well. I had thought for less than $10 it was a lovely gift idea as we have enjoyed hiking a few National Parks this year.

I do these things when I have the opportunity that randomly presents itself. And ADHD thing-- that when cleaning and coming across the ad in my kitchen I just stop and fill it out and go back to cleaning, or perhaps then jump to fixing a broken desk, or the broken drawer in the kitchen and then back to cleaning...

or perhaps first decide to write a poem if inspired,

and then back to cleaning..

unless I pick up a great article on my prof who published a book about the girl playing baseball and decide to work on my novel...

and skip the cleaning.

OK not all that happened today, I gave the article to my baseball playing daughter to read instead of working on a novel.

Someday however I am sure I can write a kickin good and funny novel and my professor who encouraged me and saw talent in me is definately one who inspired me. I have to say his first novel is one I that I also was inspired by as he is not afraid to write about the tough challenges in life while capturing the beauty of the moments.

I know someday I will actualize my vision and complete the novel that is in my head conceptually yet not fleshed out.

I would love to ask him to edit and mentor me at that point of a finished manuscript.

I thought it would be fun to come and write here about the mind of a mom managing a home with ADHD in the moment itself (as today) when I am jumping from one thing to the next.

Yes I have the circular thinking pattern, and circular movement even- of a whilewind of energy jumping from one thing to the next.

Imagine the Family Circle cartoon of the toddler's tracks mapped all over the home where he toddled and showing the result along the way.

Were I a cartoon artist I think it would be hilarious to have a cartoon of the ADHD Mom. The adult version of "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie" combined with the toddler images in Family Circle.

I think we are overdue for a strong cartoon with characters that become endearing, like a sitcom that is popular, where the character becomes a part of our beloved pop culture.

But I am not an artist. I am only a writer so I imagine the scripts an laugh as the small moments happen in my life all the time.

I see myself with such humor.

Maybe that is why I never watched TV.

I never needed to.

I am amusing myself as I am an find the laugh which releases my stress in every one of those ADHD moments.

I did have the notion of filling my latest ADHD prescripton by mail order for three months which seemed like a good idea. I know I am terrible at making appointments (even though I should be better!) I get to work and hyperfocus and don't think of my personal needs then at all. Another day goes by and I realize I didn't call my Dr. to schedule my appt. So I often do finally really remember to call and schedule the appt AFTER my medication is either finished or just ABOUT to be gone.

This time I thought I was so wise to write a LETTER to not only say "Please call be at work during buisess hours to schedule my next appoitment; and Please complete the paperwork for the three month prescription for the company that fills my prescriptions.

Great idea in theory!

In practice I wrote the address incomplete ( failed to included the street address! UGH!) so when I expected to get a call to schedule and medication in the mail, instead I got a RETURNED letter to my doctor's office with an incomplete address.

I did finally follow up on Friday and scheduled an appt for Monday.

So this week was a week WITHOUT My ADHD medication.

The thing is I FEEL BETTER when not taking the stimulant medicine.

I was however SICK with a bad cold and sore throat that hurt terribly, along with lots of that yucky congestion and coughing and running nose.

So I was working from ome.

NOt sure if the lack of real productivity when I remoted in and tried to work this week was due to the sickness of the cold; OR The lack of ADHD treatment; however I think it was the later.

I also had run out of the medication for idiopathis hyposomnia so that makes a HUGE different. I just dozed a split second when writing this for instance ( which is par for the course when not medicated.) It happens throught the day ALL THE TIME.

That has to affect focus and abilty to learn and retain and remember to some degree.

So the medication DOES help for that tremendously.
Tired now. The girls are all being really good, playing cards and other games. One is sorting through my tool box looking for projects. She fixed a broken desk fraert

OKK That last tying was dozing again...


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