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2011-06-21 - 11:56 p.m.

I don't know why tonight when I need to get sleep and get up early to get work done I had the thought "Gee I have kept this journal a long time" and looked at the old entrys in the main page.

But I clicked on just a few and read the one below about Soren calling 922:

What is upsetting is that now, in hindsight, I know that Soren called intentionally as he told me in the past few years he was being hit in the head by his step-dad. I hadn't known that at the time.

Soren was trying to reach out for help.

I am so grateful that Katerina and Soren do not have anger issues and have no problems with self control and being respectful of both themselves and others. They are just the most amazing teenagers and all that meet them are impressed.

Now the little girls are amazing students and impressive in school. However they all have trouble with anger and self control. The child care provider today said they act like kids who have been around someone who has a problem with a bad temper - as she handled the girls fighting with each other and saw the tempers flare. Its so disappointing to see some of my girls be disrespectful and downright abusive to others.

Its was nothing short of verbal abuse that I heard coming out of one of these children's mouth when I came to pick them up today.

It was absolutely disappointing to see a child of mine so disresepect anyone, but to be disparaging and make fun of someone for having an accent and speaking differently than herself and her sisters was just sickening to hear of. Prejudice and disdain for those who are different in skin tone or vocal inflection as they have family who are from elsewhere is not something any kid would do on their own. That kind of attitude is a LEARNED BEHAVIOR. PEOPLE ARE TAUGHT TO HATE OTHERS.
It was the most upsetting thing to see that my child has been taught to act hateful.
Fortunately the child care provider is such a lovely loving and forgiving person that she is going to give the girls a chance and hope that the one who was out of control learns to be respectful over the first few weeks with her.

Its just amazing how the girls will be fine in school as they have been taught to follow the rules and authority of institutions,but they are not respectful and do not listen to me nor any other child care provider who is female. If they are anywhere else and there is a woman in charge, some of my girls will outright ignore her and others with be directly defiant. This happened with the sitters I had a few years ago and sadly that was the result today as well. I thought after time had passed that the girls would be fine and had worked through that lack of respect of female authority figures. However it seems clear they have not adeqately worked through that issue yet, despite some moments of improvement in our home.

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