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2011-09-06 - 8:22 p.m.

I agreed to help a friend who was traveling enroute from Jersey to Texas with a U-Haul moving stuff by letting him stay in my basement since his car was giving him trouble.

He found a hotel over the weekend, but on Mon I offered my basement.

He intended to leave this morn and I was kinda bummed when he didn't as there was no one open to get a rental of a truck to tow the u-haul that day.

I was a bit bummed as Cato, as I will call him, is a really fun nice person and a great friend to hang out with, but frankly a bit of a loafer so it seems to me.

He lives with his son and his brothers four kids in Two and a Half Men fashion and he definately is in the Charlie Sheen type role.

We Just called to order pizza and when it came I said "CAto- you need to sign for it" and he laughed.

We are watching a movie and I am pulling out my assignment from my Life Coach as it might be good for him to see the "Wheel of Life" for motivation.Its my hw for my next session with my coach, so I might as well do it tonight and perhaps my partying house guest Cato will enjoy it too.

When I first met him I said, and this is no lie-- "Hi, I am the rescuer, you must be the alcoholic"

He laughed, but I wasn't off at all.

A friend of mine had intially introduced me after talking about his best friend for a year or more. He said "You have to meet Cato, he is so awesome"

Yeah--- to party with, but not to have loafing around for too long... was my thought.

But then it was all good when I came home today and found my whole house cleaned! Cato also happens to have attended a culinary institute and worked for ten years as a chef, so he does have useful skills.
I joked today that he could stay here and be my house elf for the day.

I think he said something like "I'd prefer to be the house stud"

I said, "Hey in this family any reference to Harry Potter is THE HIGHEST COMPLIMENT"

Glad he did clean this place like it hasn't been cleaned since super nanny Pocohontas moved out.

I would have liked to see the attorney tonight but its late and I really do have to clean the girls bedrooms ( the one place the house elf would not enter is the bedrooms!), and get some work on the life coach homework so it will have to wait until Thu until I see him.

I think it is actually good for us both that the attorney had a few dates with a female attorney friend of his ( dinner and movie Fri night, lunch yesterday and judging from his hesitation about getting together Thu night I have a feeling he has plans for Thu night. I think he had plans for last Thu too as I overheard him on phone make mention.)

I think it is healthy for both he and I to be sure to socialize with other people and in fact date other people and keep our relationship casual and moving slowly at this juncture as he is in the midst of negotiating a settlement for his divorce.
He is in transition time.

He needs time to discover who he is, as I also need to take time to continue to focus on my priorities and get my stuff done. Its too easy to spend too much time in a dating relationship and get so caught up in the other that one loses balance and their own priorities.

The fact of him having kids and me having kids that come first makes us compatible, but I find I am enriched by multiple friends in my life and I think he too will be. He won't have that if he spends all his time with me, nor will I if I spend all my time with him.

So hope he is not too disappointed I am not available tonight, but the thing is, I also HATE making plans LAST MINUTE. I really like when someone says "would you like to go out on Thursday" AHEAD of time.
I hate when someone says "Lets get together Sat" but then doesn't make a specific PLAN.

I mean I DO have other friends and I want the courtousy of being asked AHEAD of time so I can plan accordingly.

I stopped seeing the one dude as he didn't do that and stunk at planning ahead and thought I would be available the moment he called. Hell no.That makes it all too easy for someone to take advantage. That makes it all to easy for you to be the back pocket date that is assumed to always be available and not valued. I want someone to spend time with me as their FIRST choice and to want to spent time with me so much that they can plan ahead and commit, not for them to wait to see if someone else is available or not first and fit time with me in around their schedule.

Off to my Wheel , some such Wheel of Life thing I was sent , printed and had the hard copy laying around. I picked it up and played around with this sheet and filled out some of it forgetting where it came from. In a cleaning spree I then tossed it. I only later realized THAT was my life coach homework! AH I know where that fun activity came from.

It was fun the first time so I am sure I will enjoy it the second time around. I wonder if the priorities will all come out the same.

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