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2011-10-06 - 12:15 p.m.

Got on line about an hour ago for work. I do like working from home. Taking a quick break to change OUT of my work clothes and put on a sweater and jeans as it is chilly here.

Fall is the time of year I typically go running and work out more in part as I don't turn on my heat until I have to and leverage our awesome company gym and hot showers! I make it a misson to take full advantage,be healthy and see how low I can get my utility bills in the Fall when not running either air conditioner or heat.

Today my dishwasher seems to have broken! It is stuck on the "rinse only" button which is not working but neither are any other buttons.

I did just decide to renew a home warranty and am happy to have purchased the insuance policy that covers appliances! In fact the motor of this dishwasher was repaired last year with the policy I had, as was the replacement of my water heater which made me think it was a wise invesment.

Even though a hassle as I argued with them over the labor charges, overall I think it was still worth it in the long run as the cost of repairs was less that I think it would have been otherwise. In that case the seller added on the policy after we complained about windows that wouldn't open. (We got them to open- they are just sticky and hard to get up.)

Back to work. Redlines came in and it was gratifying to send the to the team without first sending to the attorney and WAITING as she hold my work until she has time to review.

The length of time she has taken to go over my stuff is suspiciously, and RIDICULOUSLY long. It has been that way for some time. Not sure if she just subconsiously avoids the task as she really finds it burdensome, or if there is intentionality. Don't really worry too much as I can't control her but can only continue to do the best I can and hope to some day win her over- but if I don't at least we can work amicably and get the work done which is what matters.

* I WOULD prefer however to get it done NOT ONLY WELL (her priority!) but also on TIME! IT does take more time to get it done to her standard and I hope as time goes on there is marked improvement in quality and that sticks as I start to ramp up work load and shorten time spend on each deal.

She has DEFINATELY chosen to manage me by intentionally slowing me down in an effort to improve focus and quality.

It is hard getting used to when one is USED to being the workaholic that frankly thrives on an adrenaline rush.

She intentionally manages us to AVOID such climate and I am starting to respect her methodology more and more as I work less and less and clock out at 40 hours instead of 55.

Yes, despite her discontent with the quality of my work not being at par with what she hoped for, I AM lucky to have her as my boss (As long as she doesn't FIRE me that is!!).

Back to work... I have four proposals and a deal and NDA that were sent to her by Mon of this week that are in need of her feedback and review. Need to call her and pin her down to get feedback so I can send those out.

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