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2011-10-06 - 8:06 p.m.

One thing about working from home that is clear- I write more. I take a few moments to collect my thoughts and journal to relax. Some watch TV, some read, some listen to music- and some, like me choose to write as the #1 relaxing past time.

I also do enjoy all the above. Had I been more disciplined I would also have enjoyed a lovely run.

I am excited about a workshop I am facilitating in the morning at a high school on "Finding your Voice"

Trouble is - first I have to master "Finding your Keys" in order to get there tomorrow.

Worked, napped, worked and then napped more.
Delivered a document for review the team wanted yesterday. It was really no fault of my own as I did hand it over with appropriate review. Trouble is that my boss disagreed with my approach and wants it re-worked by our SMES in one area. Ce la vie...

Interesting thing is I used the approach three OTHER attorneys in my shop would have chosen. I swear when the SME gets it they might push back with my initial approach which won't surprise me , but likely make my boss feel silly. She is trying to make me look foolish but as typical when someone TRIES to do that it backfires. OK To be fair maybe she is NOT trying to do so....perhaps she really IS just being foolish in her hyper criticism of my work that I really think at this point is not warranted and I am having a hard time believing is for some reason NOT personal.

As much as I do like her, I have to think that sometimes due to HER weird defensiveness at times. I asked our process coordinator a question, and CCd my boss as the response could serioudly impact MY Efficiency and HER efficiency if there was a protocol that was DIFFERENT than how we do things. That is not to imply any criticim of her in particular- but I am a big picture thinker. I see the forest and she sees the trees. When I ask about the forest and wonder if we can prune or make it healthier in any way in OUR work, those around me get nervous. But I am NOT managment, I am NOT accenture and WE ARE ON THE SAME TEAM. I just want us to be able to collectively pull out the weeds and work on the flowers without any nonsense and what I see as "busy work".

I feel like this week was full of BUSY work and not REAL substantive work of added value.

That concerns me,so I reached out to do something about it. I have addressed that concern in realtion to anything my boss is in control of. The addressing it in realtion to our processess could HELP me be more productive and actualized and most useful in the role I am in , and really had nothing to do with her UNLESS of course the lack of productivity of me has nothing to do with ME in particular OR our processes but soley is due to her chosem managment methods.

Hmm... Perhaps she was defensive with reason.

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