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2011-11-20 - 3:11 p.m.

I just realized that perhaps the wicked headaches and body aches could possibly be symptoms of Lithium withdrawal.

Although I think its been a week now since I ran out of my medicine so that doesn't make sense I guess as the headaches were worse on Thu through now and not there early in the week.

However I DID have a hell of a week with clear mood instability. I was very irritable and ANGRY which is not at all like me.

Lithium is used for ADHD, so not sure if my doc actually considers me manic without down depressive episodes, or thinks I am bi-polar with low levels of non suicidal down cycles that don't hit major lows ( As my life coach believes) but only manic episodes.

He is funny in commenting that the clearest symptom of mania was me believing I could EVER win a court case against someone like my EX who never gives up. He laughs at me and says "Talk about delusional!"

I crack up and think that a hilarious, and apt comment since we are STILL in litigation five years AFTER divorce.

The headaches are perplexing me as I rarely EVERY get headaches and they are terrible. Maybe just dehydration as not as thirsty without the medicine? Going to drink lots of water next.

The one thing I noted in reading about lithium withdrawal which says DO SO GRADUALLY , is that lithium is responsible for rapid weight gain.

AH! That explains my sudden change from size 4 or 6 to size 8 or 10!!!

( Depending on the brand of clothing as those sizes ARE NOT consistent for women's clothing!)

All I know is I feel like Crap. And I LIKE my Dr. but can't help but think that it is somewhat insane for your ADHD patients who you KNOW are going to have issues with things like remembering appointments, and remembering to call to schedule them, and remebering to get re-fills of medication to have a strict policy of NO REFILL until you see the Dr. again for drugs that have SERIOUS WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS!!

I found a pharmacy that provides auto-refills and CALLS me to remind me to pick them up.

That works for me.

Its worth using them rather than the mail order even if a few dollars more.

I have a LIFE COACH who will now call me and send an e-mail reminder and in fact set up a CALENDER that sends these meeting invites and reminders for his appts.


NO matter how good a psychiatrist she is, I am going to shop for another doctor before going through this not having my medication and withdrawal again.

It is just terrible.

I went to the store to spend $5.00 on Milk and a clearance item of sweet bread I was trilled to find Friday night before the dinner party at Pocohotas'.

My card didn't work. I thought I had $10 in that acct but it was denied. I later found out the electric bill went though (thankfully- albeit at an overdraft so I paid MORE For it but still have lights on.)

I had $40 in a savings acct I could move to cover the short fall. So much for a vacation fund. I NEED to start ANOTHER Saving account to put the family vacation fund money in as that is the one we ALL Are saving in the aggregate. The little girls are cute- I give them allowance and they put it in the family vacation fund.

SO I have to move that to another bank on a payday and just be disciplined that is SACRED as their money that is NOT TO BE TOUCHED to pay for food or electric or water bills NO MATTER WHAT.

That is their motivation to be on time for school. I told them is they are ALL ON TIME and we save EVERY PENNY We can we can someday go to Disney World. I told them the FINE of $500 per kid each year when they were late was the amount of a trip to Disney so if they are ON TIME I PROMISE That I will take them to Disney instead of paying a fine for lateness to school.

That should be good incentive to listen and be on time.

But it was a bummer to have to borrow from that measly fund to get out of the red as I forgot the electric bill was going through auto draft and I didn't realize pay was NEXT WEEK.

Now I prepared my basement to rent out, ran an ad, found a tenant I was comfortable with and she didn't show.

I am SO RELUCTANT to rent that basement with the way these noisy girls behave unless it is to someone I KNOW will be OK with their tazmanian devilish loud activity,

OK to finally clean.

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