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2011-11-21 - 11:11 a.m.

I am working from home today. Just need to run out an pay the water bill.

I cam upstairs to google on thing:

low body temperature

Notice that while having the night sweats and chills, and now feeling freezing that my body temp is consistently low.
96.5 now

So figure I should google that to be sure that is not something to be ignored before I did into proposals and deals and hit hyperfocus work mode.

I CAN work, depite the pain of the headache and body aches that are not abating despie over the counter medicine.

I did laugh at the typo in an e-mail to boss and supervising attorney I had to resend however.

I typed my phone # wrong.


That and TWO dings in car on Thu tell me best to lay low at home.

Good thing I was home as GEICO called regading the lady's car I hit in the school parking lot Thu AM.

Thank goodness it was just cosmetic.

The GEICO rep asked "Any damage to your car?"
and I honestly answered "I don't know. I didn't check yet. If so it is only cosmetic and I don't care about such things and it won't be worth fixing. I only scraped her car with my front bumper."

I truly care SO little about such things that I forget about them as quick as they happen. Its only a thing, not a person. And it is still a functional thing I can use just as well as before. Kinda like the car that won't pass emissions inspection yet it baffles me that one would say you CAN'T Drive it on our roads because it won't be super quick in 4th gear and is a bit sluggish going from 0 to 15mph after stopping at a light. I mean that is NOT a safety hazard and that car is STILL very functional and SAFE.

Darn if I had been driving that Volvo I likely WOULD NOT have had two dings on Thu as I am better at judging its physical presence than I am the big van.

Ce la vie...

My visual spatial acuity just stinks.

5 minute google now of LOW temp then paying water bill and THEN I can work- but I AM feeling freezing so think I need to layer another sweater or blanket too.

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