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2011-11-27 - 11:25 p.m.

Going to bed after a lovely weekend.

My stomach is a little distressed so I hope I feel better and it passed.

The littlest one, Alexy, was sick last night throwing up every twenty or thirty minutes until she finally felt better around 2:30 pm.
Thankfully she was good about drinking an electrolight drink and managing getting up to go the the toilet which helped. She eventually got weak and I had to carry her back and forth. After it finally passed through her system she was showered, then relaxed in a bath and and ate a few cheerio.

She had made biscuits the night before which she loves to do- rolling out the dough and playing with the cookie cutters and dough in the process.

One did fall on the floor that she picked up and started eating and I reprimanded her not too and she ignored me.
She then did the same thing with a dropped cherry tomato and I told her she was going to get sick.

Sure enough she did. Now maybe coincidence- could be as I was in the midst of serious cleaning an pulling everything out of her room and cleaning from top down and then putting things either back, tossing them or in a pile to be given away. I had totally emptied her room , so it also possible she just got sick as I unearthed some lurking hidden germs that were hanging out under the bed where she and her sister were stashing everything when they were "cleaning" their room the past months.

The agenda this weekend was to clean the house top to bottom and not stop until finished. We were planning on going ice skating when then finished.

I had been throwing out items left on the living room floor- with forewarning each time the girls are here" "Picky up the toys , books or belongings of yours in the living room . If you don't pick it up, I presume you do not value it and I will pick it up and either donate it or throw it away."

THat motivation did work for the girls as they were helping out and following the rules which has not been happening well. What a HUGE difference having them beyond two days means. When they are only with me two days, they come and are resistant. Then they test and get downright belligerent and a couple get violent and aggressive and engage in pack like behavior. If they are with me LONG enough there is time then for consequences and follow up and time for me to hold the line on whatever the expectation is after the de-escalation of the violent blow up.

THEN we start on the GOOD track. Its this process which is very consistent. After they know I mean business then they are cooperative and the recent Tasmanian devilish are like angels. Its so weird how the pendulum swings.

So I love holidays when the girls are with me more than two days!

ON this one, on the third day I was awoken by breakfast in bed made and brought to me by Katie.

It was priceless as she brought be BLUE JELLO and one quarter (1/4) of a Lemon cookie, and a scrambled egg.

That totally cracked me up. She had found and made the blue jello the night before. I told her yes she could make it since she found it (it was a food pantry donated item, tucked in the pantry along with the canned goods which we are just not finishing up. I was a bit stubborn in not wanting to go there but Pocohotas arranged for the help and they dropped off enough food to cover my counters and kitchen floor- just boxes and boxes of dry and canned goods. It made my cry when I saw it as it was so overwhelming and beautiful and generous of my community to be helping me out.

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for that gift of the canned goods that lasted six months, along with the wonderful Blue Jello lovingly made and brought to me with Breakfast in Bed.

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