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2011-12-01 - 9:58 p.m.

I worked from home again most of this week, as I am STILL feeling that nauseau and constant burpy gurgling of stomach distress from a flu. Two of the little girls had the stomach virus and they were up all night puking - one with me, and one with their Dad.

The week before their Dad and one of the other girls felt under the weather with this bug.

I have had it now since.... who knows how long-- I think ten days actually. That is a LONG time, so should be getting better soon.

I was looking forward to lunch with co-workers but I didn't want to get them sick.

Good news is that I at least found a Chiropractor and made an appt. I had an appointment at a lab for general blood work to check sugar and iorn and took a wrong turn in the medical building looking for the right office yesterday. I came upon a Chiroprator and Reiki Center which is fantastic. I was hoping to find one, but didn't take the time despite the fact that my back has been hurting for 6 months (at least)!

The only relief I received was from the BEST massage ever from CATO. He was really good at that. I then still had tightness and pain from pressure of a knot so had a 20 minute chair massage but it wasn't deep enough to really help much. My neighbor over the summer who is a trained massage therapist worked on it a couple of times and isolated the knotted up muscle, but I don't think it ever worked out completely.

So hoping the appt helps.

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