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2011-12-03 - 9:37 a.m.

I am heading out to a writing group I infrequently attend. The last time I went I did a bit of writing and it was rather good (I thought.) So this time there was a prompt party and I thought I would use the motivation to write. I of course have the story in my HEAD. The trouble is that I don't actually have a WORD or other program on my PC now which is problematic. I have no trouble writing in my notebooks longhand- but that is hard to share with a group for purpose of critique.


I have to do something about that.

My program expired a while ago and I have been getting by without it but it does make it challenging to write creatively.

Stomach still feeling queasy from that flu bug. It is lingering with just that low level stomach distress and lots of burping. I worked from home most of the week mainly so I didn't disturb others with the gurgling!

Off to the group to participate and listen and give feedback to others. One of these days I will show up with a story in hand.

I enjoy the motivation of the group, even if I do the writing AFTER we meet sometimes!I only read the prompt last night and being the overly ambitious person (and unrealistic at times), I sent the YES RSVP convinced then I would have three well formed pages by this morning.

Instead I watched Annie Hall with my attorney date. I told him he was welcome to join me but I am NOT getting him sick as this is lingering and annoying. So we watched Annie Hall he then went home, after a bit of what I HOPE is NON INFECTIOUS "playing". I basically danced for him which was a blast. I told him "The rule is look don't touch".

I got dressed up, carefully took my time finding music(Jeannie Bryson "Tonight I Need You So", which is one the sexiest albums ever-) and then came downstairs in a Marilyn Wig which was a blast.

I think the dancing was actually really good for my achy shoulders frankly as there was all sorts of tension and pain there that the stretching helped- with pops and cracks and noises I didn't expect as my muscles are so sore and tight. I realized the dancing was really good for me!

Considering I am fighting this stomach virus it was a great way to be creative and spend a wonderful evening together WITHOUT making him sick. (OK I may have made him crazy...but that was just fine.)

I hope he doesn't come down with this.

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