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2011-12-04 - 5:19 p.m.

It's a bit demoralizing. I slept ALL DAY.
I slept very well last night after relaxing watching a few movies with good company of McGill.
He left, I talked on phone with attorney after texting and finding he was awake around midnight. I was asleep around 1:30 AM and awoke very rested at 10:15 AM.

Tried to get ready quickly to make it to the Unity service I enjoy. It was 11AM by the time ready (as I of course had to pay a bill first.I had to see exactly how much cash was left after paying that and accounting for the Chiropractor co-pay as I finally recalled Ocscillium worked for me on the stomach flu! Why I didn't think of that two weeks ago is beyond me. I almost bought it in the summer to have in my cabinet when I saw it and KNEW I was out, and regret now that I didn't.)

So I decided to skip the narcolepsy medicine as not driving, and that I would enjoy a relaxing quiet day at home reading and taking some breaks to fold laundry if I got tired and needed physical activity. Planned on calling kids, and parents as well through the day.

Nice plan.
A NORMAL plan.
But for a narcoleptic, that normal plan was not realistic without medication.

I started reading after chatting with a friend on the phone at about 11:15.

I was sitting on my couch NEXT to the window with the sun streaming in on this lovely day.

I awoke at 4:45 just shocked the day disappeared.

Its like a time warp.

I am enrolled in a new class, and wanted to read the book for the library book club. Mistake was reading the textbook first.

Now I recall why I never did the reading for school. I just physically COULDN'T STAY AWAKE! So I would skim it DURING class when there was the added stimulation of the class discussion going on to keep me alert enough to speed read.

That worked OK. Distance classes are more of a challenge. Next time I have to remember to put on music. I find the classical music station in the background does help as its enough I think to give my brain something to latch onto and wake up to , but not too distracting that I can't focus on the work at hand.

I have found when working at home that helps, so tried that the past couple of days I went into the office. I put headphones on and found the streaming of the classical station and that helped at work in blocking the distractions of others' conversations.

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