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2011-12-05 - 9:45 a.m.

I have to go to work. Was all ready to go and thought I would come on line to send a QUICK message to Cato telling him I am thinking of him (as always) and that I misplaced his # but will call next weekend if he sends it.

He is Australia now and I did enjoy a Skype video call one night in the wee hours of the morning last week (I think? It was the 29th which I know as I just saw the date.)

He gave me the # to call but in cleaning my desk I lost it. Rather I am sure I FILED it as it was likely on some random bill or paper in the "To be filed pile" which I filed when cleaning up.

McGill in fact wouldn't be in our lives if it had been up to me as when he called me and we chatted he gave me his # and I lost that promptly. If it were not for Pocohotas- super social connector and persistent friend who keeps in touch with EVERYONE and goes out of her way to connect with people, we wouldn't have his friendship.

She kept calling him and he started hanging out with her, and then us and we all have enjoyed hiking etc together for a while now.

Off to work. After two weeks of this stomach thing, figures its been only queasy but this AM as I am ready to go I have had to run in and out of the bathroom. I left my computer at work on Friday so can't remote in. I hope this is just a temporary thing due to something I ate or I will be getting it and coming home. That would stink as that would mean that instead of getting better I am getting WORSE!! Not cool!

Cato was on Skype... not brother in Vietnam where he is an English Teacher is on too... OK will try to say a FAST HI if I can catch him THEN go to the office. Kinda prudent to be sure I can drive 30 minutes without major need to hit the bathroom anyway.... darn this is annoying!

Doctor office said it is going around town. But how LONG can a stomach virus last???

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