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2012-01-08 - 2:48 a.m.

As typical I did have the inordinate need to sleep this weekend, but was up and then stayed up far too long tonight.

I wanted to get some things done in the quiet of the house I won't otherwise have as children are here this weekend.

Trouble is that I ordered the ANGRY BIRDS RIO App for the Nook and that Word Game ( kinda like scrabble I now forget the name of... Darn I will likely not be great at that since I can't even recall the word of the name of the game!THe Game some comedian I ALSO forget the name of -- oh yeah, Alex Baldwin, got kicked off the plane for not turning off. Figure it MUST be a great game if he was so engrossed and obsessed in that moment!)

I also ordered a trio of myterys which had good reviews for a few bucks from some author I never heard of.


And my initial reaction of the Nook perhaps being great for the ADHD person who loses everything as it would be easy to keep things all in one place was replaced with the thought- IF you put all those things in the one place of the NOOK and then LOSE That , the ADHD person won't be able to just pick up ANOTHER book they are in the middle of and read that a while.

SEE- HARD COPIES OF BOOKS CAN NOT BE REPLACED! They have not only a different feel, but also a different function ! I love reading five different books at once. When I can't find one ( as it got sandwiched between the cushions of the couch) I then pick up another until it falls behind my bed, and then I can resume reading the third which I left in the bathroom on the counter- or the fourth, which was in the kitchen where I set it down to take a call and then forgot about it...etc..

So tonight I kinda obsessed about trying to find the missing NOOK instead of sleeping. What is silly is I should have just did a hard core CLEANING of the house to look as I bet then not only would I have found it but the house would be clean.

Housecleaning is overdue as I traveled the before Christmas, then it was busy with Christmas, then had to travel a bit after ( although only Baltimore and back I still count it as a day up at some wicked early AM HOUR to be there early), and had a housefull over the weekend, and now this weekend again- So just have not had time to clean I usually have.

Can't wait to get it done! Back to bed now as I am sure the Nook will turn up soon.

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