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2012-01-22 - 8:26 p.m.

Tired and don't really feel like writing here tonight.

Listening to Ani Difranco's newest album which is OK (but I prefer some of her older ones more to be honest. As always some great lines however so I am enjoying it.)

"Pour your love into your children, until there's nothing left to say"

I had a nice weekend with my girls. That is but for the interruption of being arrested Sat night due to the truant officer issuing a warrant for my arrest.

That was a bit nutty to say the least.
There were so many things WRONG about that course of action.

After 5 times of being late we had a meeting with the truant officer. Then the girls were late a couple of times since then. Most recent this past Thu as our friend and driver that morn has an issue- something came up, so didn't make it.
I wasn't planning on driving them (nor have I the past few times.)

The week before the driver was here but the girls were not ready. I distinctly recall one reading a book in PJS angry at me as I took the book away that morning. She was sullen, brooding and defiant and just refused to cooperate until it was LATE.

I dont' sweat it as not a heck of alot I can do when one of the girls is uncooperative but impose a consequence.

So the irony is that this Sat there was a slumber party going on and THAT GIRL who was defiant and made sisters late most recently did NOT have any friends over. The siblings did however have a couple of friends each. Actually TWO of the girls were difficult of late so I confirmed and we invited friends of two of the girls but two were out of luck. They were told that if they were ON TIME the next couple of times when they are with me that then they can have THEIR friends over. So I was happy to find the "currency" that they respond to as the other positive reinforcers of late have not proven to be that motivating.

So it was somewhat ironic that the night the cops came and were setting up in corners on the street ( as we watched from the window- and it was clear they were setting up cars and stations just in case their suspect they were nabbing ran or resisted), to realize as the one parked the car a block away then walked that I KNEW and said "I know where they are going. They are coming to talk to me"

I was darn lucky McGill was here with us. He didn't intend to be.He had stopped by earlier and planned on leaving but Alexy had roped him into a game of battleship which she was exhuberantly winning. I had been cleaning the kitchen, one group of girls were playing Clue in the basement, a second Clue game just had ended and I has just watched that group of girls set up a fashion design game on the TV . I had just sat down and was watching the battleship battle with delight when Mc Gill, Alexy and I looked out the window at the cop cars.

I have to admit that I couldn't help but think the whole scenario was comical. It was like something out of a sitcom , sans the laugh tracks at the right moments. Had they been there it would have been downright hilarious as it was just so very ridiculous. I mean who arrests a MOM for getting kids a few minutes late for school?

If I has WANTED to imagine a comical bizarre scenario I think I would have a hard time coming up with one better. I mean here come in three cops and then it is clear I have to go so I say by to the girls ( yes all nine of them!)and explain I just have to go talk to the officers as we have been late to school.

McGill is there saying to the one officer :

"None of these kids are mine. I don't even KNOW most of them, or who their parents are."

The officer said "YOu will be OK with them for a while?"

I said to call our one sitter . McGill said "OK"
He said exasperated to the cop "I however don't think this is appropriate to leave me here with these kids I don't know. I mean their parents might take issue"

The cop said "If you don't hear from her in an hour call the police station and we will help you find their parents"

Now I did have a list of each kids contact info on a notebook but it was a bit overwealming that I didn't think of it and realize I should have made sure McGill had it.

I said "Call the sitter, and if you don't hear from me call their Dad."

The girls could of course call their Father.

It also turned out most of the kids had cell phones.

So it did turn out fine in that some were being picked up at 8pm anyway- and heck the beauty of a small town is that news travels fast which is sometimes a good thing! So in the next hour the other kids parents showed up - we are not sure how they heard but either their kids with phones called, or the ones who left had passed on info and their parents called- but in any case McGill was much relieved that I was not kept long at all and just given a date to go back for the hearing on the matter of girls arrival late to school


that all the kids were picked up and parents knew they were safe and sound.

I just wonder what they would have done had there NOT been another adult here (as there actually was not supposed to be another adult!)

McGill said that Alexy was crying and worried that she wasn't going to see me again.

That is the thing which is NOT funny about the scenario. Despite the ludicrous laughable nonsense of spending time booking a Mom for kids a few minutes late to school to ensure she doesn't harm society with continued lateness.. How the heck does it HELP KIDS to TERRIFY them like that?

How does it help kids when cops come in and whisk away the adult in charge and leave them in the care of some stranger- some guy they never met before?? (OK My kids know McGill but the others don't and even though I am friend with McGill for a couple of years I WOULD NEVER ASK HIM TO BABYSIT MY GIRLS!! NOT WISE OR APPROPRIATE !!! )

I just don't understand the absolute lack of common sense of this whole thing.

The other thing that is ironic is the one mom I do know as I see her WHEN SHE TOO is dropping her kid off late to school. That is the real kicker. I see the other late mom's. I KNOW I am not the only one. Yet I am the only one that has been arrested.

That is what I think is the sad thing about this.

There was a sheriff who asked "What are you here for?"

I said "Getting my kids late to school"

He looked shocked and said "That's a first. Never heard anyone come in for that before."

Two others came over and all three were looking at my paperwork rather incredulously.
One read "Truant Officer"
One turned and mouthed to me "I'm sorry. Good luck."

They all looked quite baffled frankly as I was sitting there with a couple of drunks in , one for a DWI and one for public drunkenness who was frankly a rather funny character.

It must really be painful to be a cop sometimes- to work so hard in pursuit of justice and then see a mockery made of it. I mean I had to think that as the sheriff driving suddenly looked up in recognition and asked "Did you used to live..." and named the road the farm is on.

I said "YES"

She said "I thought I recognized you. Now I remember. I thought you moved to NY?"

I said "NO, We moved there temporarily but then came back"

I made no mention nor she of what she recalled , but we both knew damn well.

And here she was arresting me for getting my kids late to school after I moved them with me out of that home, yet they still live there most of the time.

I didn't however discuss that with her as it was not relevant.I didn't really discuss anything.I just sat quietly and waited.

Later she asked "Is he still building the fortress?"

To which I said "Yes"

YES she knew.

Like I said, at times it must just stink to be a cop to work so hard for justice and see the slap in the face of your effort when the process and literal letter of the law falls not only short but ends up with results which are painfully unjust.

Kinda like how hard it is at times to be a lawyer working in our legal system.

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