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2012-01-28 - 7:51 p.m.

I do love having a Saturday without any agenda at all.

I end up sleeping much needed sleep.

I am over feeling weird about it as my Dr. commented "That's good! You need it" with exhuberance when I told him that if I fail to take the narcolepsy medicine it is like a time warp if I am home alone. I drop off and wake sometimes 5 hours, sometimes more later.

So it's nice to know its actually GOOD FOR me to just let that be and have the power sleep once in a while.

As he said "Medication doesn't fix the broken sleep sensors , it just masks the symtoms of it to a degree so one can function better. Are you still sleepy during the day at times?"


He said that is typical after I said its like the doze sleep attacks only happen a few times a day instead of dozens! The pulling over to have to sleep when I feel it coming on only happens perhaps once every other month instead of once every other week or so.

Definately a Mon morning pattern of that which I noticed after a weekend with the girls. I think the exertion of being constantly in motion while tending to them is something I see the difference of on the Monday mornings after a weekend with them.

So I don't mind at this point that I have them every other weekend and I can sleep and rest myself for the coming week on days like this.

Hiking treck planned for tomorrow. Hope the exercise is good for me and picks up my energy. It usually does - well ALWAYS does! I can't recall going hiking and not feeling great afterwards. Similar with a run. I never went running and felt terrible afterwards.

It was warmer yesterday. Likely had I gotten up for a run this AM I would have had more energy all day.

Ce la vie.

It was a nice day and thankfully friend called who is coming over with Chinese and a movie. He was not feeling so well today so almost cancelled. Good thing he didn't as I would still be sleeping! I think Blazing Saddles or Young Frankenstein sound like perfect therapy for a Sat night!

Its his turn to pick the movie and those are on the possibile flick list as I have never seen either.

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