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2012-01-30 - 8:27 p.m.

Nice Monday! Not too tired for a change as the weekend of sleep made a HUGE difference!

Cracked up at scanning just a few comments in response to people blogging about the fact of my arrest.

I have no time to read the comments, but think it fantastic that the event is a catalyst for healthy discussion which is apparently long overdue. I say that as it was interesting that the fact of me having ADHD which I shared, and kids with issues brought forth alot of comments about disabilities. That lets me know it is the topic which is too often completely ignored so people are starved to have a forum for themselves to be heard on the topic in general.

Quite fascinating really (as I think that was not the main point at all,but just happened to be a fact that I and kids have diagnosed or not diagnosed disabilities that make it more challenging.) The main point was that our LCPS Truant Officer chose to arrest a parent for kids being tardy to school.

I also find it amazing that there is some presumption there is "more to the story". I mean really- if there was truly "more to the story" that shouldn't change whether one thinks it justifiable to arrest for tardiness or not.

Seriously, whatever the more would , I think, be quite irrelevant ( just as the fact of my ADHD etc) is also quite irrelevant as to whether it is a justifiable action to arrest a parent for tardy kids.

In any case, it was a lovely quiet day at work. I caught the late bus and tonight did not get home until 7:50 but was happy to enjoy wonderful spagetti and meatballs that I made yesterday.

Oh the only other thing I thought was funny as I read comments were those that presumed I must be up late on Facebook or the Internet trolling for a boyfriend until wee hours of the morning! That was rather hilarious!

These people who write those comments must just not be :
1. That bright or
2. That arractive!


Ok maybe I shouldn't have found that one so damn funny but I did.
I who was known to be in bed at 9pm during college! (With a few exceptions- like Thu nights when I would nap earlier and then go out from 10 to midnight); or if I was singing so had to be on stage at 9pm; or if going to the movies in which case I slept IN THE THEATER!

My kids joked they never knew me to stay awake during a move, and 'tis too true.

Me stay up on line until 2AM??

Not to mention, I have TOO MANY MEN in my life. Not that I don't APPRECHIATE and enjoy their presence- but heck I have to manage my time and say NO as often as YES to social invites to preserve my much needed sleep time!
(And also to prevent any one of them getting too serious! Can't have that! Kid's come first! Maybe someday... but I can't see a serious relationship any time soon.)

But more seriously, if I don't get enough sleep I CAN'T FUNCTION. This is not like most people where its an off day- not its like my brain does not even work!

I have stayed late to work until I could catch a ride sometimes only because I hit the sleep wave of exhaustion and literally could not move to get up and go catch my bus. (That did happen about two weeks ago.) I mean in the moment of sleep paralysis it really does not matter WHAT one is suppose to do.

Narcoleptic sleep paralysis does not discriminate and decide only the convienient times to hit.

It can be rather inconvienient.

I have to admit that I have made some wonderful friends and had some wonderful relationships ironically develop out of that so damn frustrating reality of me needing help in a moment. YES I HATE IT and I love my Ani shirt "I Ain't No Damsel in Distress" and yet it is true some of the best relationships I have had have been from those who were kind to help me OR vice versa!

Ce la vie... life goes on. One phone call to make then off to bed.

One night this week if I get home early enough I look forward to searching for Ski Shops near my daughter's college so come Friday I can pay bills, ship skis and send her a gift certificate to get boots and bring her skis in to get herself all set up to hit the slopes. I want to send her skiing once this winter (as I did get the skis for her Christmas gift).

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