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2012-02-05 - 10:07 p.m.

The girls and I took a walk around 7pm for them to go meet their Dad. Of course it was just like leaving for anywhere, as one disappeared and no one had a clue where she was until she re-emerged saying she was looking for her gloves. Of course the five or more pairs in the bin near the door wouldn't do when it was time to go as she has to wear HER CHOSEN gloves.

Likewise, another had to go change into tights at the last moment as her bare legs with short sporty socks would not be comfortable as the temperature dropped by 7pm.

These things are never thought of by the girls at 6:15 pm, or 6:30 pm when reminded we are leaving shortly so get ready.

They are only thought of AFTER it is already later than planned. They are only thought of AFTER the youngest had thrown herself on the floor in a fit while declaring "I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE UNTIL..."

I forget now when unreasonable demand she attempted to make that we all ignored until she stopped and realized we WERE all leaving regardless of the dramatics.

She calmed right down (after the few minutes waiting it out in which one sister sat on the porch and wrote a page from a writing prompt which was her homework! Well done, she can write during sibling tantrum! I was really impressed.)

Now I have to laugh as I clean up the aftermath and collect the costumes from the ZOMBIES recalling how they all had marched up the stairs, one with a short metal paint bucket on her head we had used for the trim of the porch , saying "BRAINS"

This is what happens when you limit video games for only a short time. Kids get real creative.

Mine today were zombies attacking my plants and looking for brains hoping to get at me. Their water gun however was not as powerful as the pea shooter from the kitchen (even if frozen peas.) OK just kidding about the last part as I don't happen to have any frozen peas in the house or I surely would have thought of that.

I will be prepared next time for my defense and the girls will likely be taken off guard and think it hilarious by the surprise if I actually engage in their game with that defense!I'll have to brainstorm a pea-shooter device.

Frozen peas can't be any worse to clean than cheerios and raisins.

Living room all straighted. Bag full of costumes I was tempted to send off to the thrift store. I think however this time I might just hide it in the attic and remind the girls again that if they leave a mess and don't clean it up I WILL CLEAN IT UP and THEIR TOYS MAY BE TOSSED.

I think they forgot.

They seem to have lucked out however as one Zombie stopped to do a tap dance in the kitchen today.

I was kinda relieved as I had thought the mate to that one tap shoe was in the bag of collected donated clothes that did go to the thrift shop last time they forgot to clean up. Apparently not- but the Harry Potter cape and the really awesome huge hoop skirt for the belle of the ball with layers of crinoline that was heartbreaking for me to get rid of but which I THOUGHT would motivate the girls to clean up after themselves, were
not as missed as I expected.

Apparently the impact wasn't very stong. So I will see whether the consistency of the toys disappearing when they leave the house a wreck has any impact over time.

For now however, off to vacume cheerios and pick up raisins from where they were smuggled into the basement.

There is a no food in basement rule. So now have to think of a consequence of that.

Can't very well get rid of the food...

I will think of something.

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