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2012-02-09 - 7:47 a.m.

The morning routine this AM was pretty typical. McGill showed up however to drive the girls to school to witness two of them "packing lunch" ignoring my telling them that "As Always it is DONE and your lunch packs are in your backpacks."

In the fray one did take out a project (about a half hour before time to leave) after I asked to confirm "Are all your books and work in your backpack? Everything was done?"

She did have a half hour.

That is the same question I asked last night (at least once).
Funny how with some kids the answer will change ....
The sudden realization "OH-- BUT..."

So this "BUT" was the project that requires cutting and stapling which was "almost done"

I now recall that it was the opening of the folder and the proud recitation of the Preamble of the Constitution being displayed which distracted me from my mission of finding the tape and scissors in the kitchen . I did indeed start doing dishes while listning proudly to the recitation. The proud little girl then exbuberantly ran off to I don't know exactly what until she was in flow doing something else...

Knowing my children that could be a making up of a song, an experiment of various soaps and substances found in a bathroom I might discover when I get home tonight, fighting in the bedroom with a sister,
playing webkins with the sister I was trying to motivate to get moving with all sorts of methods but physical violence to get ready (similar to the motivational methods of last night to get her to shut of a game that is now hidden somewhere stashed until I find it again. That could be a while. Last time I removed the keyboard and mouse so the computer was non functional due to a webkins game during non allowed time it took me a month to find them. For one month I went to the library once in a while to check e-mail or write!

I have to check my parental controls as the child with the webkins addiction (as it apparently now has a fashion show game) shouldn't have been able to use the computer this morning at 6AM anyway!

In any case- Miraculously on time, despite kids re-making lunches (with same things as they were ignoring me!) and then the typical morning fray.

Off to work, with McGill kindly giving me a ride. We will stop at the school en route to drop off the forgotten project (although not cut and stapled and "almost done".She can finish that final touch at school.)

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