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2012-02-10 - 11:40 p.m.

I was reading comments about the recent topic of discussion in the news across the country about whether LCPS has gone overboard in arresting this mom, and calling a second family the Denicores into court.

Interesting conversations and comments which I think are valuable have ensued. I enjoyed a chat with winery owner friend who has the perspective that for parents who send kids to private school and pay for it, they have every right to be angered by latecomer kids who are a disruption to their children's education. As he said " I measure how much I am paying for each hour and think those parents should be fined for that amount and it should go into tutoring for the other kids in the class or other after school programs."

I think that is actually a very fair consequence.

He was passionate about not accepting lateness however. After hearing the lecture on that topic of lateness I then had to ask "But you, like many who have commented on the articles, have not responded to the questions brought forth on the table which are : Should parents be arrested? AND Should parents be brought to court?"

HE has to admit that he agreed that to waste taxpayers money on taking parents to court is not wise,
and as far as an arrest, also not helpful at all.

I found it interesting however that when it came to success as an adult in the workplace he said "If I didn't do my job I would be fired. No one really cared when we came in, as there was no set time. But if someone was not productive in their first few months of being hired they wouldn't last."

I was going to go to bed earlier but he called and kept me up chatting. It was actually kind of fun to have the sparring debate with him ( which we often do.)

I then came to read a few more comments and came across one referencing the seven Ps. Now I never heard that phrase and actually think it is an interesting reminder of what one needs to do to be successful.

Albeit a bit crude, which is WHY I never heard it in my Catholic school upbringing, and likely why the Denicore's also never heard it! They like me likely don't have "PISS POOR" as part of their normal vernacular that they would use to teach their children.

I have to think of some creative "P" word as a substitute.

Perhaps "Personally Poor" will work.

"Prior proper planning prevents personally poor performance."

Yes , that works!

Here is a link to someone's blog on the Seven Ps which I enjoyed:

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