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2012-02-10 - 8:42 p.m.

Nice week at work. A bit slow however I didn't mind as I made use of the time to read the Model Professional Code ( I think that is the name of it but not sure I recalled that correctly.) I read it very slowly and thoroughly and took some practice questions for the MPRE (Model Professional Responsibility Exam), as I realized yesterday that I have to take that again in addition to the BAR exam.

I thought of this as I looked up the dates of the next BAR EXAMs coming up and the registration deadlines and realized the irony that the FEB exam is the same day I go to trial on the school tardy matter.

I then realized that last summer I commented "Good thing I am not taking the BAR exam this summer" as I had court right before then over the matter of payment of my Ex Husband's attorney fees.

That triggered a memory of yet ANOTHER action (that one for custody) the July before, and while I joked I end up in court every six months I was noticing the pattern of the court actions also happening to correspond with the VA BAR which is ALSO every six months!

Ironic coincidence I suppose!

Nice week at work. Drafted four contract documents and got a bit of studying, attended a board meeting for a group that heard my pitch for professional seminars focusing on professional development of those working professionals with disabilities which went over OUTSTANDING!

I have a task of development of the first training. The group chose which one they wanted to run with. The VP of the group and I are preparing a TIME MANAGEMENT presentation. I was thrilled that was the one they chose to start with as I developed and presented a Time Managment course in my last management job! It was really quite good and I was asked to run it at a few locations in the company.

That makes it easier as I can modify the existing presentation for our environment.I am excited as training was one of the things I most loved doing and was particularlly good at when I was a manager. It will be nice to be able to use that gift in my current job.

I am also having fun researching content and materials for a presentation my boss is going to prepare and give. That is really fun. I love this kind of work and its a nice change of pace from the daily drafting of deals. I love that too, but the challenge of somehthing new is alwasy interesting to me.

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