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2012-05-30 - 12:28 a.m.

I was dozing but awoke about an hour ago. Thought I would write a short while before settling back to sleep. I just took a night -time formulation of allergy and sinus medicine so should be able to sleep once it kicks in.

Memorial Day and the weekend was really nice. The pool was open which was wonderful as the days were hot

Writing is a pain-literally, as I had these oh so soft,but also oh so slippery socks on when I took a surprise fall down McGill's stairs that resulted in a bruised tailbone.
Got to go and chase away te racoon in the bin of recycles. UGH PS: Racoon was at neighboring porch that night. McGill's fix of Bungee cords holding my garbage can lids tightly shut are working along with the tip from my tenant of sprinkling baby powder on the lids. Racoons apparently are actually adverse to gritty things underfoot, and do not like the feel of the babypower which bugs them. Funny huh? I wouldn't have thought of racoons as fastidious and just thought I was lucky to have a talented OCD Racoon that visited my porch on occassion. It is rather funny as my neightbor's trash will be strewn all over but the one night I left one bag on the porch I intended to bring to the can but forgot I ended up with a visitor who neatly smelled and found the one spot where there were chicken bones left. One neat hole was found just where the chicken had been pulled out. The cleaned chicken bones were neatly left right next to the otherwise intact bag with the one hole in it. I should have taken a photo as I thought is was so darn funny and possibly evidence of the uber neat trait being found in not only humans, but at least SOME racoons! Only then did I realize the prior find of ONE corn cob cleaned and a small hole next to it on a prior occassion was the modus operandi sign of a particular super efficient clean freak racoon. I think the last time I didn't think much of it as I picked up the one cob and threw it out along with the bag with the little hole in it. The coon however has not organized my cans which is good. Had it gotten into my recycle bin and left them in neat rows with labels perfectly aligned I would have then been REALLY worried something strange is going on...

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