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2012-07-01 - 11:17 a.m.

It's been hot here in VA. A storm then rolled through on Friday night and there are a lot of trees down and power outages. I am happy I still have power, and this site is accessible from my home computer for the first time in months. I am not sure what the trouble was at all, but it is working now thankfully.

I am a little sleepy now so likely will nap soon after pulling out more boxes of summer clothing from the attic. I never did finish that task. We have been getting by with what is out so far,but there are a few more boxes in storage. I intended on not bringing them all down until ALL the clothes in the overfull rooms were sorted into piles to give away, piles of winter clothes to store and the remainder put away neatly in the drawers. Never quite got that task finished but got stuck at the "almost finished" stage.

So I also need to finish that task. I wanted the girls to be involved in deciding what to get rid of as they know what items they like and what are those I LIKE but they are just never going to choose to wear. We have too much STUFF in this house so I wanted them to get rid of anything they really don't care for.

Goodness I can't write more as I just started dozing. Guess the nap is coming first.

Quick update however in a bulleted list that will take less than a minute (so won't doze off I hope!):

* Bermuda Vacation was amazing!
McGill took me with him and surpised me that -
* He can sail a boat ( See if stranded on an island he does have awesome skills so perhaps the Gilligan part of his knickname isn't well chosen).
We went:
* Sailing
* Snorkling
* Went Scuba diving
* Cave exploring including swimming in a cave (Cool! Literally cool!)
*Swimming with Dolphins

Yes I swam with Dolphins! That was really neat and made me think of Madeline L'Engle's book A Ring of Endless Light

Off to nap and dream of swimming with dolphins for a few moments before housework... PS Came back to find this window open so edited the many mispellings. Narcoleptic nap was a four hour one today which is not too bad. Glad that when I awoke it is still daylight and I still have time to get things done!

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