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2012-07-25 - 10:57 p.m.

I love my Nook for reading while commuting on the bus which I do on occassion. I am listening to Pandora as matching socks tonight so this is ggoing to be shotrt and no more editing for misspellings as it will time me out in minutes. I CAME ON TO facebook stalk the teens My teens that is, but I joke about that as their frinds leave pics and comments
So hard tonot edit the errors bug me but this is the two mintue entry
Suprfast updae

Can,t access this siteagainfrom my computrr whi h stinks as that means cat write here.
This entr y is evidence thqti am
Notadept attyping ontnis nook keyboard yet.

Little girs enjoyed summercamps thqt included abaseball one, and a computr animationone for
Sadie. She madean impressive short animated movie.Amazingcamp THe program theyused was calledAliceand canbedoenloaded from thecarnegie mellon site.

Times up rhis stinks but Iat least wrote.

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