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2012-08-02 - 9:53 p.m.

I am again writing on my Nook for the few minutes I can before it bumps me. I have a bit more time than I did the last time, so I will edit as well as seek brevity
This week working at home with the girls has been surprisingly smooth. Swimming and walks to the library have ket them active. Rotating who is playing a game on the computer and an old Nintendo game cube that McGill brought over has keep them busy. A very cool science activity kit called something like The Mad Scientist gross experiments which boasts insructions for over 30 experiments kept them interested, engaged and delighted.Creative arts and crafts,including making wood models, painting, crocheting and jewelry making made them proud.
Tomorrow there is volcano on which the paint job will have dried to erupt with baking soda and vinegar, and asolar oven toa be completed which if it works they can bake cookies in.

Now the amazing thing is that other than hand materials and set up supplys and corral all the kids to the kitchen table, I had no involvement in all of this at all. See what happens when you give kids space and don't micro-manage? They surprise by exceeding our expectations more often than not.

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