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2012-08-06 - 10:59 a.m.

Working remote which is lovely. Glad to have found a comfortable spot. Home phone was out I suppose due to a storm that came through last night. I had also misplaced my packed work laptop bag so was in a bit of a panic this AM. A full blown anxiety attack to be honest, so am glad I found the bag and am logged on. Came to check personal messages as working cose to an acquaintence I might get to meet for coffeee. Learning to love working remote and see hoe it can help in managing time to be more productive.
The state of my house demonstrates that as not only did I work my full days last week, but the reduced commute time allowed me to swim with the girls at 5pm sharp one day, and clean the house on other days. It is also so cool to be able to go to an appointment and just remote in before and after without losing driving time which is really wasted time. Taking a break outside to water flowers is so much nicer than driving.

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