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2012-08-26 - 1:30 a.m.

I came on line just to see if a friend was up and accessible as I hope to borrow a canoe tomorrow and go canoeing with Katerina and Soren.

They are not on line, so tomorrow will call and see if we can get the canoe. I actually know we can if my friend is home as I asked about a month ago in anticipation the kids might enjoy that.

I would like to take them to the same spot Pocohontas and McGill and I went canoeing on the 4th of July, right on the Potomac River.

We intended on getting up early and hiking, however Soren wanted to get good athletic shoes or hiking boots and we all forgot about that during back to school shopping this evening. He did get pants and shirts and a cool reversible belt, but only when home did I realize we forgot the footwear to tackle a challenging hike. The good thing about canoeing is we can leave later in the day that if we are going on a long hike. The kids actually wanted to hike Old Rag- which is ambitious, but they really don't realize how ambitious which is great as they would enjoy it, however might cop out if they fully understand how long of a hike that is.

Shopping with the oldest two was fun tonight. Then Katerina took up to dinner at Fridays, which was surprisingly good. I didn't have the cash flow for that but she and Soren wanted to go out so she treated. SHe was funny shopping for clothing as after visiting three stores she came away with one skirt and some stockings. Soren cracked me up as he said "I am OK with jeans. I have two pair, but I could use a pair of pants."

He is the minimalist when it comes to clothing. Whenever he comes I ask him if he needs anything and he'll alwasy say , "No."
Then occassionally it will be a response of "I don't NEED anything, but I would like..."

Then I ask him to inventory his clothing, asking questions such as "How many pairs of shorts do you have ?"

To which Soren gives a response like this one I recall distincly from last summer : "Two"

So Soren was just overjoyed by the shirts and pants that he picked out today, and he is ready for going back to school for his senior year.

Since not getting up early, I am so looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and just waking up for a change whenever I naturally do.
Solid extended sleep! YAH!

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