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2012-12-26 - 10:45 p.m.

I space a.m. testing B voice feature, that's was the voice feature on my new Mobile device true backspace delete what the f*** who is Jericho that was
Hysterical as I never said what the...

I typing now as the time limit for voice to text was met.
I AM FINDING this device frustrating and irritating already.

I LOSS THE NOOK on a plane on the way back from Florida

I was asked if I wanted a replacement and said no. I SAID NO AS I like hardcopy or paperbacks better frankly.
So instead all for girls were giv3n the basic Nook, and I some device with capability to do all sorts of things I have no interest in.

Alexy was given a set of Jane Langdon books I believe she will love once either the novelty of the Nook wears off or she finds it frustrating and realizes reading a hard copy is more relaxing.

The gift giver meant well and it was a nice thought.

I would however prefer an electronic free home to be honest. I am convinced that creativity and intellectual curiosity and in fact learning occur to a greater degree in environments where people are more active and interact in person mor3 with others than those who are passively spending time plugged into or tuned into devices.

Alexy did enjoy her gift of pottery wheel. I wish Santa brought four of those and some music lessons instread of Nooks. CE LA VIE.


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