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2013-01-26 - 7:46 a.m.

I'm trying to use the voice feature it did on the times to not absolutely each this electronic device trip backspace backspace backspace backspace.sorry I think I can work out the kinks I know I didn't say sorrythat was no I didn't say sorry.

props however this is a good reminder space

Her house Stacy paragraph

Perhaps however this is a good reminder to say sorry at times,space and she needs to slow down.

I think I'm getting the hang of this a little bit. Paragraph.

poor Suites what the f*** okay me paragraph

It's an interesting thing that when I laugh this device the Samsung something or other oh yeah galaxy voice to text feature interpret pick up girl interprets note to your breasts what?????
in a trooper its try getting a new life space

In trip Reds try again space

And triplets peek a rip cigarettes
as I was trying to say all I was trying to say it is it is kind of funny this device translate translate translate translate I was yes I was yes man that No

Translate s space late backspaceRichard
translate too late to add No the paragraph

The church ohh my gosh this is crazy okay voice to text does not work wellthe paragraph.

That expriment was a failure.

Poor sweet McGyver gave Pocohantas some electronic device that has voice to text under the illusion it might help her with her literacy challenges. Her spelling is atrocious, however more intelligible than the result of this voice to text experiment.


My sentiments exaclty when I try to use this thing.

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