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- 9:06 p.m.

Have you ever written for two or more hours straight to then lose the content?

I forgot to open a parallel doc and save text there once in a while. ITs been a while since I have been here.

So I guess that cathartic writing was for me tonight.

Here is the brief version

Great weekend- mulched (overcoming disdain for it looking suburban as it is good to retain moisture and not have to weed); chipped out dry rot on some wood on window frame and filled it (will paint soon and HOA should be happy); lots of laundry after an outdoor nature summer camp week of girls canoing, hiking , zip lining and practicing archery in the woods ( like the quote from a family favorite BRAVE "I Want to ride with my hair free shooting arrows into the sunset forever" ); The camp had everything but horseback riding; dishes done; Mountville Folk Festival, jembe, camping, Unity- music, friends, food, connection. I went alone but left feeling energized by those I met and enjoyed both listening to as they shared their songs and stories, and talking with. Made a friend or two. Gave and took a phone number and enjoying that joyful anticipation of learning of something/ someone new yet seemingly familiar in some ways.

Home to rest and listen to CDs of some of those I played jembe with around the fire after the mainstage show.

A lovely Sunday afternoon: More laundry folding; House still mess. Inadvertent nap,Friend called and awoke me- I said "Going for walk, bike ride, garden then a swim." Came on line to check time of Bike Shop hours at 5:05pm. Shop closed at 5 pm-Ate leftover camping fare of fried chicken and watermelon, writing for hours, pensive and thoughtful, cathartic and relaxing.


Going to bed after a bath now. Sometimes a weekend alone is so nurturing. This weekend I took care of myself and gave myself the time and space ALONE with ME doing the things I love.

It really was just a perfect weekend.

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