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2013-07-09 - 7:39 p.m.

I am at the library as I had to stop to pay my mortgage. There would be a $15 service charge to pay by phone! I finished work and tried to achieve this at work but was blocked from the work computer from doing so. There is nothing wrong with the bank site when accessed from here.
That really annoys me. I mean I understand blocking sites to prevent web surfing and improve productivity. Heck I think just FIRE those who surf at work rather than work when there is work to be done. But to block access to a BANK site to take the minute to pay a mortgage? I mean come on... that to me is overkill and rather petty.

I brought a blackberry pie I bought for my guests over to a friends so am heading there to eat it . That won't keep long, so I drove around to find the library. First got lost of course, then used the GPS to find it. This AM it took me about a whole hour to find the post office closest to work to buy stamps as the GPS misled me (or I didn't see it- one of the two), and then it did mislead me to a post office that is no longer there. I made my way back and evenutually found the one in the town I wanted. Bought stamps and mailed bills, then got into the office to open my drawer and find a book of stamps which made me laugh!

Ce la vie... about an hour and a half spent driving today to find places to get simple tasks accomplished.

Such is life at times...

At least it is a lovely day with temperate weather and the humidity is not as bad as last week. I went out to my garden to tend to it and was amused by the massive lettuce. Looks like I should have a nice crop of cucumbers coming . Some peas and beans will be ready soon.
The garden gives me great pleasure. I delighted in a BROWN sunflower that bloomed in my front yard a few days ago. It is a small one and very unique.

Off to enjoy the wonderful Blackberry Pie from Mom's Apple Pie which really does make the best pies ! They also have the best looking young man who works at the family farm. If he ever wants a career change I think he could be the new Fabio, although frankly farming is something he would likely be MORE proud of and it is also likely the reason that young man is in such super shape! The whole family is good looking and were on a poster advertising the family farm which was quite effective that I saw at some farmer's market where I bought strawberrys from the young handsome farmer. Impressive as the family farm provides all the ingredients for the baked goods at the bakery. Nice family business in Leesburg!

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