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2013-09-24 - 10:33 a.m.

I am here at the library again and decided to write as I have a little spare time to wait for the next bus out of town.

I headed into town to fax a lease agreement to prospective tenants who seem really excited to move in.

I did rent my place on a short term one month lease for a family in process of buying a home that needed a temporary place so they could move here and enroll their two sons into school. My basement worked beautifully for them and it was nice to be of help to a nice family.

Good news for me is that if the prospective tenants do take it and move in my basement will have been vacant for only five days!

That is fantastic for me as the rent goes toward my motgage payment.

If I get an unemployment check it will make up the different for the mortgage payment and necessary bills and I can just get by each month while job hunting.

I finally let go of the old car I was saving for the teen drivers. Considering the oldest two, who are now in college are not driving as of yet, and it is a few years for the preteens to do so,there was no sense in hanging onto it anymore. It made sense when McGyver graciously allowed me to store it in his driveway in W VA. That arrangement came to an end however when he proposed to me and I said NO and then the friendship/relationship came to a halt.

Sadly he was hurt. It was the same old story. I date someone saying I am open to dating but in no way want any sort of commitment and have no interest in marriage again. I date telling up front I will be happy to spend time and enjoy your company but you are NOT the only gentleman I will date. I am in another (at least one) dating relationship. Most men I find say that is fine, but along the way seem to deceive themselves. It quite fascinates me as I have watched women hurt themselves for years by doing that but only after my recent years of unintended broken hearts do I realize men do the same thing- the self deception of believing their beloved is who they WANT them to be. Believing the one they fall in love with has all those trait and characteristics and can OFFER all they want in a relationship- which amazingly is a trap one in love falls into EVEN IF there is transparent honesty.

So I am finding honesty is not enough to justify breaking hearts. Its a terrible thing to realize that no matter what one SAYS it is the behavior that men and women judge and listen to, and many do not separate intimacy from the notion of a committed partnership. That is likely HEALTHY.
I am likely not as healthy in some ways, yet in other ways healthier as I don't deceive myself, and certainly make all attempts not to deceive others!

So the attorney I have been seeing for the last two plus years is the only one who has stuck around and enjoys me for me.

* Well the hot work dude would be around but he was not available so I cut off that relationship long ago as a romantic interest, but enjoy a chat as a friend once in a while.

Its nice to have both male and female friends to be able to talk to and get different perspectives.

The last couple of months of FUNEMPLOYMENT have been just fantastic!

I joke that I work harder at finding a job than anyone, as I even climbed a mountain to meet a recruiter for a company out West I had applied to.

I had gone hiking admist job hunting and the recruiter of a company I just was in communication with just HAPPENED to propose to his finance under the DRUID ARCH in Canyonlands National Park in Arizona. It was really quite beautiful, and quite funny for my hiking companions and I. My companions had already waited in like to take each others photos under the arch. I opted to skip that photo opportunity as was enjoying sitting on the opposing mountain side watching the view of all the people go up to the arch and take pictures. I was enjoying watching the famlily next to me and their accompanying adopted friends and helpers of an Italin torist clan who had rolled and carried a boy in a wheelchair who has MS up the whole mountain. He had wanted to make the treck and his amazing mom takes him wherever he and his brother seek to go. She makes it happen! She was a teacher from Colorado and they were quite an inspiration.

SO I was enjoying their company, and my friends came back and said - "Come on, we will take your photo."
They led me halfway toward the Druid Arch admirers line waiting for their big photo op and then stopped and framed me for pictures that LOOKED like I was right in the Arch. Of course some of the photos of me have strangers posing in the background so if you look closely you see that perspective in the ones in which the strangers have not been framed out of the image.

We got alot of laughs as while they were all photographing me and I was following the direction of the photographers and we were being tremendously silly as I responded to prompts like "Now a sultry look"" GOOD "Now sad"... "Now look very sexy"

to which I did some ridiculous thing

And the mountain burst into applause!

I joked , "That must have been a good one!"

And turned around as knew immediately which couple it had to be that was under the arch. They were our hiking companions in the group just in front of us, in front of the Italians and the boy in the wheelchair. There was a group of family and friends all hiking together, and as I guessed it was the guy wearing the T-SHIRT that declared ACHIEVE that was on his knees proposing to his adorable blond girlfriend decked in hiking boots and shorts and a T-Shirt.

They were the most adorable couple and could have donned an REI Adventures catalogue.

It was a rather awesome moment as the whole mountain was snapping shots of them.

The groom to be said afterwards (as he handed me his card proclaiming he is an HR recruiter from the tech company I was already quite familiar with) he hiked the spot a year ago at this time, early Fall after school started and the mountain was empty but for a few photographers. There were a few hundred people hiking the Druid Arch that day.

It truly was an incredible moment.

I am sure there will be a YouTube video somewhere of both the boy and his family that made it to that spot despite the challenges he faced,and of the proposal.

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