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2013-10-16 - 12:04 a.m.

One evening last week I spent a good hour thoughtfully writing here,then editing,and then lost the entry before saving it

I was so inspired by seeing a show which was written by some young people that adressed labeling of people with visible challenges and overcoming limitations
Too tired to write long now as timefor bed,but tbe incredibly moving work of those kids and their mentors that facilitated bringing out their best, discovering and sharing their talents moved me deeply.
Katie told her dad she want to be a dancer. WHAT LITTLE GIRL DOESN'T at some point? It just occured to me seeing the beautiful movement of the georgously choreographed work by Kim Tapper of "A Place To Be" perhaps influenced Katie to yearn to dance. KATIE HAS ALWAYS WANTED TO DANCE but thr new thing is to disclaim interest in other things like science and math which she excels in. That concerns her dad but not me too much. I MEAN THE KID IS 12 He seems think it will adversely impact her life if she does not want to go to the science and technology focused high school and is concerned over her lack of interest. I think she has time. I would't advise her not to develop those STEM skills but frankly when her dad the engineer tells me he can't afford a $25 a month clogging class and when he won't commit to taking her to it when I offer to pay, I understand her not seeing any appeal in the life an engineer can provide. She is not seeing that it gives any greater ability to afford to persue enjoyment in life. I have told her she can be whatever she wants , but now will have the conversation that however does not happen in isolation of also being other things as she can be many things. The desire to be a dancer doesn't mean at age 12 she has to exclude other opportunity and possibilities. But seriously SHE is 12 I think it really refreshing and healthy to know there is still one 12 year old out there that just wants to dance in this world that pushes kids to grow up so fast that they miss just experiencing joy. When did that shift happen in society when we stopped letting kids be just kids?

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