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2013-10-21 - 1:15 p.m.

Rare day of two entries! I AM HOWEVER getting better at finger picking typing on the Nook, and after having reclaimed it from Raitlin who commaders it regularly was inspired to make effort myself on using this. If she can write role plays for hours on this thing in her tween fantasy fiction world, and play numerous Words With Friends games I figure I Can get faster and more accurate with the hunt and peck tyyping with practice. IT IS EASIER less editing, less inadvertent caps.....and I am enjoying access to write on this journal site again.


While job hunting I hit a question about misdemeanor convictions. Judge In Loudoun had said if no further action last year, and if I paid the fines by end of year the misdemeanor charge would be dropped. Bad news is that I assumed that meant it had been in honesty when I answered None to questions on job applications that say if case is dropped not to report it as they want convictions only . I thought that although guilty there was the agreement that status changed upon pAyment of fines by Aug 2013 which I did.
So imagine my surprise when I went to the Va courts site to see the case there with some motions?

Well my concern at worry over who filed motions disappeared when I realized the CAO indicated that pulled the court record meant Court of Appeals!

The very last conversation I had with the court appointed attorney who was AMAzing was:
"DO you want to appeal?"
"Yes if you want to do so please do. However I can't do this anymore. I need to be healthy and emotionally can't handle this never ending litigation so if you want to Please file an appeal but don't even let me know as This process is one I can't be part of anymore but this case is about much more that me. You have the right to appeal if you want on behalf of everyone this precedent will affect even if I can't do it. And I can't do it."

She said "Ok then. Send me an e-mail"

I AM SO HAPPY to learn this outstanding attorney not only listened but followed up.

The Va court of appeals accepted review of the case and it is currently actively under review. THAT explains why the school is still acting strange when the youngest and I biked to school... its a defensive posture. NOW I understand why they continue to treat me differently. OTHER parents are not asked to escort kids into school when a couple of minutes late. AS far as I am concerned the school has been adversarial with me so why would I want to engage in any conversation with them? /p>

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