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2013-10-29 - 10:05 a.m.

SHOOT I did a really dumb thing. I worked a modeling job at an art studio last night and before sittting in the long pose for an hour and a half ( there are 20 min stretch breaks) I decided to take off the earrings I had worn in the earlier short poses. It is a studio art class for sketching the figure so I hold a pose for 2 to 3 minutes while the artists sketch. I am always just amazed at the talent and how anyone can draw so besutifully so quickly. I love modeling for the art classes when I have time to do so. It is incredibly meditative and feels like going to a YOGA class. The light jazz this teacher plays is the perfect accompaniment to the painters although at one point we did have a hearty laugh as he quipped "now you are in an elevator" at one mellow tune with that 70s elevator music feel. I waited for the NY state public library famed "Feels so Good" to start playing next but it was not in the mix. So I took off the earrings which are my birthstone saffire surrounded by small diamonds being concerned some may want to practice sketching the ear in more detail on the long pose. Detail is not the goal for the quick ones. I took the earrings off and put them in the toe of my left shoe which I was not wearing and left them inthe bathroom where I change for the session. AFTER class I went back and got dressed but then consious others may need the bathroom and be waiting decided to put my shoes on elsewhere. I FORGOT about the earrings. I recalled when sleeping and figured they are still in the shoe. Just checked and they are not so I hope they fell out in the walk from the bathroom and where I sat to put on my shoes and I will find them there this AM.

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