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2013-11-21 - 11:10 p.m.

As I completed a job application that included a question about any criminal history this week, Ii went to the Va courts site to review my appeal. The VaCourt of Appeals Affirmed the decision of the Loudoun Circuit Ct (of which the domestic ct CHINS docket is a part of.)

I was so impressed with thee public defender and after passing the Bar would like to review her brief, the school's and the decision.

My take is that the question on appeal was likely if the judge was reasonable in construing compliance with the code as she did.

This nook is so hard to type on so this is a brief entry.

GOOD NEWS The painting teacher found my saffire earrings and I retreived them. Modeling this week was different as I ruminated over Criminal Law in study. I read a few points I need to learn right before each long pose. NEVER before have I had patience to sit with one idea and goy over it again and again for such a long time.
I suppose that is what actual study is-repetition over and over till one knows the content as opposed to merely undeerstanding the subject at hand in the moment of it being presented.

SO I am enjoying meditative study.

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