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2013-12-11 - 7:52 a.m.

Did it again wrote and lost a long entry edited version enjoying book Rules of Civility which makes me laugh, loved The Bean trees and still am not pulled into either Life of Pi or The Poisonwood Bible which while.good get misplaced and forgotton. Studying . Will send out Bar exam appliccation as soon as new ink arrives as of course it ran out while printing it!

My attorne friend arranged for me to meet his friend it is clear he has been in love with for years. I think it just made him a bit miserable actually. We hit it off as he said yet frankly I really think IT BETTER He maintan his friendship with her without me and I don't really want to be the third wheel when they have that time. THAT IS UNLESS she andher hubby actually want to double date. Nice gesture to meet, but I guess I selfishly don't have any urge to really become her friend too. Idk its bad enoght to see his shattered dreams and then see the reality...... I mean I prefer not to find all we have in common. I already know my place and role is the real person who is filling space and time providing company until he moves forward in life and vice versa. Ce la vie I think he was actually not happy as he is letting go of his fsntasy and that can be a hard thing to do. The book Rules of Civility had a scene that reminded me much of thst moment of me meeting her which made me like the book tremendously.

Off to take out trash and then study today.

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