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2013-12-20 - 5:54 p.m.

I have to say it is really kinda funny - I have the CUTEST mailman, and he stops by to deliver packages that he "Forgot to drop off"

This one was really small and he apologized it slipped under the seat.

Now the thing is that he COULD just put it in the mailbox, but this is about the third time over the past few months that he rang the bell when he didn't have to.

It really is quiet cute as obvious he has a little crush.

I think I took note when one time he stopped Pocohontas was here and pointed out there was no REAL reason he had to ring my bell.

I then paid a little more attention and thought "WOW HE IS CUTE!"

He really is! He has these very lovely blue eyes, dark haired.

So the little girls just think it hilarious . Katie is the one who told me in HER words which made me laugh "Mom I think you should find a man"

HA HA HA She had me cracking up

I mean of all the things I expected HER to say that was NOT one of tqthem

I mentioned the cute mailman to her, which she found amusing too. The girls also loved Letters to God which though a B rate mediocre evangalistic and sad movie is a sweet story so when I saw it for $3 on clearance picked it up for the girls. THEY really wanted me to see it. It happens to have the love interest of the mailman which made it funny as we watched it last weekend. So now I have to admit it is this really kinda fun flirty thing going on with the mailman because after I said the guy is handsome and does have really nice eyes of COURSE Pocohontas couldn't let that be.

No , when she left recently and he was out there right after stopping by (FOR SOME REASON...) she left and told me later she ran into him at the corner of the next block as she was walking and let him know " My friend thinks you are cute. Are you married?"

To which he apparently replied
"NO, and not interested in that again. I was but it didn't go so well" OR some such thing..
to which she replied
"Good , my friend has no interest in marriage either, but if you want a date she may be interested"

Pocohontas TOTALLY cracks me up. She is really too much.

And the mailman has rung my door twice again in the past seven days for some reason or another.

The funny one was when on Sat I needed to find out WHAT post office hours were as I had to mail my BAR Exam application. I sent Katie out to inquire if he knew as he was putting mail in our box. She was the intermediary, but then he rang my door offering to bring anything I needed to the post office for me ( I think he figured out I am not driving to be honest. The bike and car not moving from same spot are hints) So he may just be considerate and thoughtful.

It was just a hilarious conversation as when he offered to mail the package for me, but said it may not go out until the next business day (MON) I thanked him and said I have to find a place to get it out by overnight THAT DAY as it is my BAR EXAM application due on MON!
He said
"OH, I know about that, My ex wife is a lawyer. She took it two times"

I kinda laughed as it was definately his way of personally letting me know he is single-- just in case Pocohontas didn't- and I think dropping a hint. I just get the sense he is actually shy and loses nerve and it is really kinda cute.

So he says that, and I say as I always do when hearing someone is married or has been married to a lawyer

"OH I am so sorry"

I think the joke is for my own benefit much of the time.

I think my deadpan delivery doesn't' give the joke away but it always makes me laugh later.

Suppose he thought I meant about the divorce.

I said "And she took it more than once too?" as of course I find THAT very encourageing.

He said "Yes, twice"
and Katie then blurted out "Mom has taken it like FIFTEEN TIMES"

BWAHHH HHAA HAAA It was so classic! Hilarious!

I am home tonight as I am studying (or trying to) for the BAR. Slow going so I figured I better stay in and study.

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