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2013-12-26 - 8:07 a.m.

I enjoyed a lovely Christmas. As on Nook will be brief. Highlight was bro in from Vietnam where he lives so enjoyed a nice chat with him in Fl . Other bro sent a fun basket full of food the girls and I will enjoy. Last night after Mass where girls were ushers with their Dad and Sadie sang I enjoyed listening to The Nutcracker on radio while napping and then baking gingerbread. Finished off evening with gift of grilled Omaha steaks and mashed potatos and cheesy broccoli then movie Serendipity which was seasonal and light and fun.
Girls this weekend get to see what Santa brought them here while at Dad's. I thik they still believe (except Sadie).

On Chritmas Eve enjoyed a celebration at the hippy church as its been called. Then afterwards it was fun to wander in town to see if a restauraunt was open to find one of the best was. A little bistro that extended tables into the adjacent old movie theater lobby made the finest steak I had in a long time. That was just an amazing meal. The homemade the nect night not redundant as not near as good frankly. Yes a nice meal on Christmas, but boy was the one Christmas Eve quite a gift! Enjoyex the sweet attorney 's company and was happy he indulged me taking me to church both days as I don't have my car on the road.

Back to studying. Bought notecards to write legal rules on in loonghand in hopes it helps me memorize them. Memorizing is the big challenge for me in the study process.

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